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Saturday, October 08, 2022

DEADLY 'MERMAID' ATTACKS Continuously Reported Throughout African Nation

In April 2017 a bizarre story came out of Zimbabwe, the mysterious drowning death of two young boys that was blamed on a mermaid attack! It's hard to believe, but apparently, it has happened before.

According to the reports, the strange incident occurred as the children were herding cattle near a dam and spotted the mermaid in the water. Thinking it was a fish, the boys attempted to catch it, but unfortunately, they turned out to be the prey as the creature snatched them and dragged them underwater. Initially, it appears, the mermaid was only toying with the children and resurfaced with them while the kids were still alive. However, by that time, their parents had arrived on the scene and inadvertently made the situation more dangerous when they began crying at their children's misfortune. Seeing their show of emotion, the enrage mermaid allegedly grabbed the boys once again and pulled them beneath the surface of the water where they met their tragic end.

The creature's decision to kill the children is suspected of being because of the tears of their parents, believe it or not, since local legend states that it is unwise to cry in front of a mermaid, lest one wishes to die.

While the incredibly strange story might seem like pure fiction, it is being taken seriously by authorities, who have launched an investigation into the drowning deaths and say that the dam has been the site of similar mermaid deaths in the past.

Zimbabwe has been home to a surprising number of odd mermaid stories over the last few years, suggesting that fear of the legendary creature has taken hold of some residents or perhaps there truly is something nefarious lurking in the waterways waiting to attack.

Here's an interesting video detailing Zimbabwe's history of mermaid and fae problems. I've included this link to another supposedly deadly attack by a mermaid in a river in 2012

In 2012 at Zimbabwe's Gowke Dam, workers were set to fix and install pumps to provide clean water for the residents. The workers had to stop what they were doing and refused to return after they were scared by what they described as “pale-skinned humans” with fishtails.

So, what are your thoughts on these encounters and sightings? Are there deadly mermaids in the waterways of Zimbabwe, or is it simply a scapegoat explanation for suspicious deaths near water?

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