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Sunday, October 23, 2022

ANGRY SASQUATCH Shot by East Texas Family Man Driving Wagon!

An East Texas family was out late at night riding in a mule-drawn wagon. A Sasquatch emerged from the trees, walking towards them and screaming in apparent anger. The father shot at the beast.

The following account was forward to me:

"This incident from 1917 happened to my paternal grandmother and members of her family. She was 18 at the time and the family lived somewhere near the Sulphur River bottom in East Texas, southwest of Texarkana.

Based on my recollection of what had been told to me over the years (she died in 1975), most of my grandmother's family lived in and around the Atlanta/Queen City area south of the Sulphur River. At the time in question, she and her immediate family were living in a farmhouse somewhere west of Queen City and south of the Sulphur River (where Lake Wright Patman is today).

Her family apparently moved around quite a bit in that area and it's hard to pinpoint the exact location of this farmhouse. My grandmother was always referring to Knight's Bluff in her many stories. I'm not exactly sure of the location of Knight's Bluff. I believe it doesn't exist anymore (the site possibly submerged by the lake) in that in my lifetime I've never heard of it except in the references of my grandmother and father.

I remember my grandmother telling how they (mother, father, and some combination of her many brothers and sisters) were coming home from town on a bright moonlit night in summer, and on one occasion I recall she specifically mentioned Knight's Bluff as being that town. And since they were riding in a mule-drawn wagon, I suspect they were somewhere within 8 to 12 miles from Knight's Bluff, wherever that was. She said they turned into the lane leading to the house. One detail I seem to recall is that she referred to the pasture to their right as the "east pasture," implying the lane leading north to the farmhouse.

According to her the first indication that there was a problem was that the mules were acting up. She said her father said something about a snake, then they heard "something." I honestly don't recall her exact words - "screaming", "squalling", a high-pitched eerie wail (my words).

The moon was high, and the night was flooded with bright moonlight. The tree line beyond the east pasture, where the sounds were coming from, was very black in contrast. She said they watched as a tall figure came out of the trees and stood full in the moonlight. It was as tall or taller as a man and covered with long dark hair. I do remember that my grandmother said it stood absolute erect and walked slowly toward them, like a man, not slouching like an ape. All the time it was howling and shrieking and motioning angrily at them. Her father fired a shot at this thing and it turned and ran back into the woods.

Getting to the house, my grandmother said the dogs were all cowed under the porch. They barricaded the doors and spent a fearful, though uneventful, night.

The next day, and several days thereafter, her father, brothers, and neighbors ranged through the woods looking for any sign of this thing, blood, fur, tracks, but nothing was ever found.

This is probably the most interesting of the old tales my grandmother and father told me over the years in that it was the only story in which a creature of this type was seen clearly." Name withheld

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