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Monday, October 03, 2022

9-CRAFT UFO FLEET Recently Observed Over Lake Butler, Florida (SKETCH)

A Lake Butler, Florida woman comes forward after reading my post-Hurricane Ian sighting report from Naples, FL. She and her son watched as the fleet of UFOs traveled across the sky.

I recently received the following account:

"Hello, so I just read the story from a guy living in Naples, Florida about spotting a UFO after Hurricane Ian. I haven't been public with my story that recently happened, but after reading his story I figured maybe write to you as well to tell my story, and to maybe help the family from Naples, maybe answer some of their questions they have or just so they don't feel alone in having spotted a UFO in Florida.

It was September 19, 2022, so before Hurricane Ian landed, it was about 8:30 pm, and my 14-year-old son and I were walking home from the store next to our house in Lake Butler, Florida. When he looked up and saw 8 glowing dots in a diagonal line. I'll draw a picture to explain what we saw and attach it. He points and says, "Mom, what's that? Are those airplanes?" So I then looked up and saw exactly what he was talking about and said, " No those are not airplanes, there wouldn't be that many that close and they would have a flashing light to show it's an airplane. Airplane lights are brighter than and a little smaller. They move faster than these are." Of course, his next question then was what is it. So at first I just laughed and jokingly said it's aliens, that's a UFO, but he didn't laugh, and we kept watching and it hit me it's a UFO, it's aliens. I have no other explanation for it.

We kept watching and they all stayed in their diagonal line moving slowly together north, and after a few seconds, a 9th one all of a sudden appeared in the line with the 8 already there. My son freaked out yelling, "Mom, did you see that, another just appeared right as we were watching!" I said I had seen it. So then I decided to get a video of this so I can show my husband with proof, because my husband and I are big in believing in the supernatural and stuff, like Bigfoot, aliens/UFOs, shadow people, and all of that, and we constantly watch different shows on these things. I am actually 'sensitive' if I'm being completely honest, which I don't tell many people, and I've seen plenty of spirits and shadow people throughout my life. I had seen my husband's father before and explained what he looked like to a 'T' and I had never met him or seen a picture of him before. He had passed in 2011 before my husband and I got together, and my husband has his ashes here in our house. I saw a man standing in our hallway one day and I described him. My husband's eyes filled with tears and he pulled a picture out and asked if this was who I was seeing. I said yes and it was his dad.

Anyway, so I take my phone out of my pocket and pull up the camera and hold it up to the sky, but I couldn't see it on my phone camera. My son pulls out the camera and he can't see it on his camera either. We keep trying but can't ever see it on our cameras, we could only see it with our eyes. They were like a whitish yellowish with a little bit of green glowing color. Then we noticed that ever since we took out our cameras and tried to record them that they were starting to dim as they were still moving.

Then all at once they all just disappeared, they didn't go behind any trees or anything like that, they literally just disappeared. Both my son and I were like 'what happened?' 'How did they just disappear like that?' 'What was that?' We stared at the sky for a few more minutes to see if it was going to reappear, but it didn't. After a few minutes, we saw an airplane heading south, and I pointed it out to my son. I said see that's a plane, and he confirmed that's nothing like what we saw.

The whole thing lasted about 3 minutes. I'll attach a drawing of what we saw since we couldn't get a video of the picture since it wouldn't show up on camera. I have never seen one until that day, and we haven't been very open about it for fear of people thinking we're crazy, but I believe what I believe. While not everyone experiences things like this I know a lot of people do and we're not alone, but after reading the Naples, Florida story it made me feel more comfortable to write about it." TW

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