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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Unexplained 'Human-Shaped Shadow' Recorded (VIDEOS)

On April 30, 2022, UK-based TikTok user, All_in_is, noticed something odd outside her Birmingham, England home. Filming from an upstairs window, she notices (and later records) a strange human-shaped shadow that is being projected against the wall of the housing complex across the street. It appears to be standing in between two windows. Other shadows can be observed along the wall, though they are clearly from plants and pot hangers.

Whatever is causing this shadow is not visible and the TikTok user is stumped. “I don’t like to be scared but there is no one standing there but there is a silhouette, like a shadow of a person, so, yeah...” she posted the video on the same day and, right away, some of her followers commented that it was merely spray paint, however, a follow-up video, posted later that day, shows that the figure has moved closer to one of the windows.

In the second video, All_in_is is showing off one of her apps using a toy sitting on her window sill when she pans over, taking notice of the figure. She seems just as confused. “WTF? There's no one standing there but there is a f—king [shadow].” People also noticed in the top left window appears to move as if somebody is looking down at the figure, though others thought it might have just been the wind causing the curtains the move.

NOTE: I attempted to zoom in on the shadow, but the image quickly pixelated. Interesting recording. Lon

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