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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Sasquatch Decomposed Body Discovered in Huge Hollow Cedar Tree

A British Columbia logger describes an incident while felling a large cedar tree. The tree had a huge hollow cavity in which he found massive human-like bones, hair, and rawhide-like remains.

"My friend Dan called me and asked if I would come to his place to help him unload some gravel out of his truck. While we were unloading his truck an older stout man in his 60s pulled up into his driveway. Dan walked over and greeted the man. They walked over and he introduced me to the older fella as his brother Troy. After we unloaded the truck we went into Dan's house and cracked open a few drinks. We talked for a couple hours and after a bottle of Glen Limit scotch, I broke the ice and told Troy about my experience with the Sasquatch. Dan tells Troy to tell me about his encounters.

Troy tells me he's working for a logging contractor near Blue River, British Columbia in the Mantou area, about an hour and a half north of Blue River. Troy said he was at the bottom of this logging block where there was a huge cedar and that this tree had been 16 feet around to the butt. Troy then says he cleared all the brush around the tree before felling it. Then he bores into the cedar to see how hollow the tree was.

After about an hour of making the cuts with the chainsaw, he began to fall the monster cedar, which went down with a thundering crash. This tree exploded when it hit the ground. He walked up to the tree near the butt and said you could see into the huge hollow space. It was kind of like looking into a cave. Troy then says he thought he could see brownish-looking bones in the deep hollow. He first thought that this could be a food cache pit from a cougar or a bear. He crawled into the cedar and pulls out some of the bones. On further inspection, it looked like a human's hip bone, and the next thing he pulled out shocked him. Troy said he pulled a huge arm bone with the hand attached. The hand was four times bigger than any human hand and the arm bone had to be as thick as the end of the base of a baseball bat.

He then called his boss down on the handheld radio. On further inspection of the bones, they found long hair and rawhide-like material stuck to some of the skeletal remains. They were dumbfounded. His supervisor said he needs to call the police as these looked like human remains. Troy said the bones were thicker and longer than any human remains that he had ever seen and the hair and rawhide material were a mystery. There was no decomposition smell, just the odor of cedar boughs. He also noted that the bush supervisor called the police just as the day was ending.

Provincial Conservation officers arrived. The workers were not allowed to go back to the site until a week later, just to get their equipment. They never logged that block. Troy also noted that when retrieving the logging gear there was a Conservation officer there with another contractor waiting to deactivate the road.

I asked Troy what he thought of it. He said he thinks this may have been where a Sasquatch died. I asked if there were any openings in the cedar or how we thought it could have got in there. He shrugged his shoulders as he cracked open another bottle of scotch. I asked Troy if he had any other strange encounters while working. He mentioned other accounts told to him by loggers, but nothing else had occurred with him.

Troy now carries a 4570 Marlin in his truck wherever he goes. He warned me that if I ever travel on the Hart Highway to carry protection. We had a good visit talking about Sasquatch and logging."

Transcribed source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaNapeQhQzI

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