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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Red-Skinned, Glowing-Eyed Humanoid Recorded in Angouleme, France (VIDEO / PHOTOS)

A group of urban explorers, on the outskirts of Angouleme, France, come across an unexplained humanoid that has red skin and large glowing white eyes. What was it?

In 2012, Jacqui Ricci and some friends were urban exploring in an abandoned building that housed a swimming pool on the outskirts of Angouleme, France. It was a night exploration and flashlights were used to help them see around the disheveled building. All seems pretty routine until they shine their flashlight in a corner, one with an apparent shelving unit. That is when they observe movement and spot a strange figure. It seems to be sitting and moving its body, popping a leg, arm, and head out, to peer at them. The figure, although humanoid, does not appear to be human. It seems to have noticeable red skin and large glowing white eyes. 

No surprise, Ricci and the friends scream in horror and immediately rush outside, where they run into the woods away from whatever was inside the building. There is a strange screeching sound that follows them out but it is unclear if it's just the natural sound of the forest (crickets, bugs, etc.) or something else (possibly the creature?).

Ricci uploaded the video to his Youtube channel on April 3, 2012. He titled it: “Strange creature in an abandoned swimming pool / Etrange créature dans une piscine abandonnée.” In his description, he noted, “We still do not know what it is. It's pretty terrifying!”

In the years since, all the content on Ricci's channel has been removed, except for that video. It is unclear if he ever made a follow-up video. Interestingly, Kilu Lu, a friend of Ricci's, responded in the video's comments, attempting to clarify that the building was normally locked and hard to get into and it was not known to be a dwelling for homeless people. “No one can enter inside because it was closed. We pass next to the swimming pool each day because it's on the way to the university restaurant and we see that nobody lives inside. We don't really know what was this thing!”

Some of the commenters noted that the eye glow might have been a reflection from the flashlight, though it seems unlikely since human eyes don't normally reflect light that way, as well, the eyes seem far too large and too far apart and the glow is visible even when the flashlight is no longer being shined in its direction.

A commenter, Primitive Sponge, wrote: “That is no person dude. 1. It has a red skin color 2. Its eyes are bigger than a human's 3. Its eyes shine.” Some commenters also thought the screeching sound might have been an alarm of some sort though it's hard to tell. Sir Spooks eventually featured the video in his compilation “25 Scariest Creature Videos of All Time” uploaded on July 21, 2020. He noted that it must have been terrifying for Ricci and his friends. “These kinds of experiences are sure to cause nightmares for anybody that has to go through it firsthand.”

My associate stated that the first time he saw the video, he was reminded of Marvel Comics super-hero Spider-Woman, in that the figure appears lanky, possibly female, is blood red in color (skin or a skinsuit?), has long jet black hair (barely visible) and its eyes seem to be shaped not unlike how the arachnid character's eyes (crooked tear-drop and far apart) appear in the comics.

The fact that they are glowing white only adds to the mystery.

Source: Youtuber, JacquiRicci from a video titled “Strange creature in an abandoned swimming pool / Etrange créature dans une piscine abandonnée” Uploaded 3 Apr 2012.

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