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Sunday, September 04, 2022

Possible 'Glimmer Man' Causes Traffic Mishap in Kansas

A Kansas witness observes a car swerve off the road below his balcony. The car was attempting to avoid an impact with a possible 'Glimmer Man' on the road. The anomaly remained for a while after.

The following account is transcribed and edited:

"This is a description of the being I saw in Burlington, Kansas that looked like a cloaked 'Predator' from the film series. I had a bird's eye view from an apartment balcony overlooking a smooth bend to the left in the road that passes by the river dam in town. The car made the slight jog to the left easily but swerved abruptly to the right like he was trying to avoid hitting something in the road to the left. He went into the ditch and got out very cautiously and seemed to be looking in the direction of what I first thought was a giant swarm of gnats or maybe dust off to the left of the road, just inches in the grass about 25 feet from his car. He then got out his phone and proceeded to take a couple of photos of this thing. He definitely looked freaked out and ran back into his car, which I assumed to call a friend.

A truck showed up about five minutes later to pull him out. This mass was still standing upright and seemed to be looking at all that was going on but stayed motionless. It seemed to be facing the opposite way from my vantage point towards the car and truck, although you couldn't see the actual detail of this thing. You could definitely see it had an upright human stance. The car headlights didn't pass all the way through it but almost bent around it. The light was still passing through it but not in a straight line. I could see through it like foggy glass or glass with a slight smoke to it. There was no shadow visible on the ground around the figure.

After the car and truck sped away, it simply vanished.

If these things can't alter their reality like I believe they can, they can make themselves completely see-through or shimmer while fading in and out of our realm because they share some DNA with angels. This is just my theory on that but I do believe they can definitely move in and out of our reality. For example, Philip in the Bible was done baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch and after the eunuch came up out of the water Philip was gone. Philip instantly found himself in another city. I believe this is just one example of either teleportation or opening a portal and going through it for instant travel. Either way, it is interesting and can connect a few dots with what I've been studying. I hope this helps someone." LS

Source: Predator In The Headlights - The Facts By Howtohunt . com

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