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Sunday, September 25, 2022

'Phoenix Lights' Eyewitness Discloses More Details About the Incident

An eyewitness to the Phoenix Lights craft comes forward with other details about the incident. They also make observations concerning other UFO sightings and experiences reported.

"I’ve never had an ET experience, what I mean by that is a face-to-face encounter. I did witness the Phoenix Lights in 1997 and that craft was about a football field above our heads. It was a boomerang shape that had 3 lights on each 'wing' of the craft and a bigger amber one at the tip. It was a gunmetal black/grey, like a flat black and a lot of witnesses said that it was silent but we heard and actually felt in our bodies a humming/buzzing sound like that of a transformer or high voltage power line. I felt it in my chest the most. The main thing that freaked me out was the size of it. It was massive.

I’ve been on an aircraft carrier before in NYC, the Intrepid and I also lived in Virginia Beach and would drive by the Norfolk Navy Base quite a bit and there would be 3-5 carriers docked there prior to 9/11. Since we were so close I would estimate that you could fit 3-3.5 aircraft carriers on each wing end to end on this craft. People on the ground said that it was a mile across from wingtip to wingtip and I would agree with them. It was absolutely massive and to this day I’ve never seen anything of that size. It also had some sort of distortion around the craft like when you pump gas into your car and the gas fumes distort the air around the gas nozzle. You could still see the craft pretty well but it had this distortion around it. It was exciting and a little ominous to see.

I felt like I probably shouldn’t be viewing this thing because everything inside me told me that this craft wasn’t made here on Earth. To the people that say that it was a secret black program then why would they decide to fly it over the 6th largest city in the country on the night of the Halle-Bopp comet when people were going to be looking up towards the sky. That’s the reason my brother and I were on that mountain top. We wanted to get the best view of the comet that we could because the next time it would be visible is in the year 4385 and we weren’t going to make that one. I know that people will say that the comet was visible days before and after that but that was the best night to see it.

I don’t know what it was or where it came from but I know what I saw and it wasn’t flares or a balloon or our and the thousands of people that witnessed it imaginations. This type of craft has been reported a lot over the last 5-6 decades. A lot of the reports have been coming out of the oceans or lakes. In 1991 a Navy guy on the USS Nimitz witnessed this type of craft coming out of the water during a “darken ship” moment when he got stuck outside on the deck. During a 'dark ship,' all lights on the ship go dark, and then the entire crew locks down inside the ship in order to camouflage the ship from enemy attack. The crew is never told if the dark ship is a drill or an actual threat. This Navy Petty Officer said that this craft was bigger than the Nimitz from the 200 yards away he was from it. It made no noise as it raised about 30-40 feet out of the water and took off at a blistering speed. He came forward after he saw the Tic-Tac video in 2017 and said that what he saw specifically the movement of the Tic-Tac that it at first had a slow movement before it took off was the same as he witnessed in 1991. 

The people that are in the know obviously know a lot about these crafts. They have been studying them since the late 40s and never stopped investigating them when Project Blue Book ended in 1969. They have intact crafts and materials in their possession and they obviously have the occupants of these crafts also in their possession. I’m surprised that they came forward and admitted that these crafts are real and that AATIP existed.

I ask myself why did they choose to come forward when they did. I don’t know how much more information they are going to release but the cat is out of the bag somewhat. I guess only time will tell." TK

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