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Thursday, September 22, 2022

'Phoenix Lights' Eyewitness Goes Missing After 'Men in Black' Disclosure

An eyewitness to the 'Phoenix Lights' mass sighting contacts a local councilwoman with evidence of the event. After an encounter by MIB and a disclosure to the media, the eyewitness goes missing.

In April 1997, in the months that followed the March 13 mass sighting known as the Phoenix Lights, Councilwoman Frances Barwood, who had begun looking into the bizarre incident much to the dismay of her colleagues, received a call from a man named Richard Curtis. He was a disabled veteran who told her that he had very detailed videos of the Phoenix Lights craft in his possession. He had personally recorded them using professional equipment. “He said you could see the shape. He said you could see how big it was in comparison to the surrounding buildings and everything. He described that the lights were gaseous. He was so excited that he had gotten all this on video,” Barwood recalled him telling her. Curtis also told Barwood that he didn't know who else to call and that he thought he could trust her.

Barwood was intrigued by this development because, up to that point, most of the videos were just of lights against a dark backdrop. This promised to be something more. Barwood asked if he could send copies of the videos to her office and Curtis agreed that he would. Days went by, with no sign of the tapes. “I thought he made this up. He didn't have video, you know, all this stuff.”

A week later, Curtis called Barwood at her home and asked her what she thought of the videos. Barwood was surprised and told him that she had not received them. Curtis then went on to tell her that two men from her office, showed up at his apartment after they had talked on the phone. The two men were “similar looking” dressed head to toe in black (three-piece black suits, black shoes, black hats, black suitcases, etc.). It was 110 degrees out, so Curtis found their style of dress odd, but he shrugged it off and asked if they were from Barwood's office. They replied, simply, “Yes.” They then asked Curtis if he had made any copies of the videos. He told them that he had not had a chance to, to which they replied that they would make copies for him. Curtis handed over the videos and the two men turned and left. They drove off in a black sedan. Barwood informed Curtis that she had no men in her office and that all of her staff were female. “I had no idea who these guys were. It sounds so bizarre. Nothing made sense to me,” Barwood recalled thinking.

Angered, Richard Curtis went public with his story. He did an interview with a Phoenix TV station whereupon he described everything from his filming of the object to the two strange men who knocked on his door and took his tapes. When Barwood tried to call him, she discovered that Richard Curtis was no longer at his apartment. She spoke to his neighbors who told her that Curtis had taken some bad medication and was taken away by an ambulance to a hospital. There were no records of Curtis ever having been received at any hospital in Phoenix. Barwood wondered how the strange men even knew about the tapes and decided to have her phone lines inspected by a professional. He came out to her home and did his tests. Afterward, he stepped outside. “He wouldn’t come back in the house. He came to the backdoor and said, “No, I'm not coming in. Yes, your phone is tapped, it's a government tap.” Barwood was shocked that someone in the US government had tapped her phones, especially since the military and officials were insistent that the Phoenix Lights were nothing but flares. Hardly. Richard Curtis was never seen again.

Transcribed source: Encounter: UFO, Season 1, Episode 5, Episode aired Sep 21, 2021

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