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Thursday, September 29, 2022

NOT DEER or SHAPESHIFTING COYOTE? Bizarre Encounter in Central Texas

A Central Texas resident is walking in the rural countryside with his dog when he suddenly encounters two large coyotes crossing the road. What occurs afterward is quite unexplained.

I recently came across the following account:

"So this happened a week or so ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. My family has a small farmstead in more or less the middle of nowhere Central Texas, to the southeast of Austin. But very rural, all dirt roads, only a couple neighbors within a mile or so.

I usually walk with my dog in the thick woods on our property, but sometimes we walk along the dirt roads because it’s like we have them to ourselves. Maybe 5-6 cars will pass by our place on the county road in the course of a given day.

We were walking along the dirt road back home when we heard something crash in the woods off to our left. I looked closely but didn’t see anything, and just figured it was an animal or a branch falling. No big deal.

A few more steps and two coyotes burst out of the woods and cross the road right in front of us. This is weird because it’s late in the day for coyotes to be active, but more so because they look huge for coyotes, almost like wolf-size (we don’t have wolves here anymore), and one of them looks kind of hunched over like it’s hurt or it’s a bipedal animal loping along on all fours for some reason. Note (and this comes into play in a second) that I saw absolutely no antlers or anything. My dog starts to act out of character.

OK, so these big, possibly injured, coyotes run into the brush on the other side of the road. My dog and I kind of stand there for a bit, but then move on. It’s the country, and there are coyotes, whatever.

We round a corner and here comes one of the coyotes, crossing the road again, fast. It scoots under the fence and I watch it run across the pasture past some cattle, who are totally unbothered by this big predator running by them. I call my dog back to me because I know the second one is probably about to pop out and I don’t want her getting in a fight (that she’d lose).

Here’s where it gets a little weird.

Sure enough, out runs the second one, it’s the hunched-over and injured-looking one. It hits the fenceline, where there’s a bit of low scrubby brush. I wait for it to pop out on the other side and start watching to see how these cows are gonna react. But it doesn’t come out, it kind of just disappears into the tiny patch of brush, which doesn’t seem at all big or dense enough to conceal it.

We slowly move closer to the fence/brush to see if this coyote is hurt or hung up in the fence or something. All of a sudden, one of the biggest, most majestic bucks (male deer) I’ve seen around here pops out of this fence line and runs into the field. His antlers are huge, and he’s a big boy, taller and more muscular than most of our Central Texas deer.

He runs along a bit, then just turns and watches us. We got closer to the fence to see what was up with this coyote, but there was no coyote. And absolutely nowhere a coyote could’ve hid. The deer is still watching us, and I don’t know what to do so I just shout “good morning” and say something like “um, we mean you no harm”, and walked home.

So yeah. Big injured coyote kind of morphed into a big healthy buck more or less before my very eyes. I guess it was probably a deer all along, slumped down and slinking fast away from a coyote. But that’s weird because (a) I saw the coyote twice and it definitely looked like a coyote, and definitely, had no antlers, (b) a big buck isn’t going to run away from a lone coyote.

Things are crazy out here in the sticks sometimes, even in the middle of the day." A

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Early on, Carrie and Greg's son witnessed a large, dark creature over six feet tall lurking in the tree line.

The lone rooster began to squawk and the creature let out a fierce growl, then all went silent. He heard what sounded like something jumping back over the fence, and the rooster squealed as if in pain. At that point, he grabbed a gun and flashlight and ran outside, searching the fence from the front porch with his light. He saw the rooster but it appeared to have something dark over its middle. It slowly dawned on him that the “something dark” was the muzzle of a creature with two glaring eyes.

“Whatever it was,” he said, “it seemed to look through me. It turned my blood cold and I was paralyzed with fear. I’m a hunter. I’m used to being in the wilderness and encountering bigger animals. Those animals don’t scare me as this thing did. When I encountered this thing the first time, I got the feeling that it wanted to hurt me. After researching something I’ve never believed in, I’m convinced that this thing is a Dogman.”

Loud howls and the sound of something walking on two legs in the gravel driveway plagued the family for years. The family kept a detailed diary of their strange events.

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