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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Massive Sasquatch Observed With Several Bright White Orbs in British Columbia

A British Columbia hunter describes his encounter with a 10-12 foot tall Sasquatch that had several grapefruit-sized bright orbs floating in front of its chest. The witness was shocked by the sighting.

The following account was offered by Steve at The Facts By about a year and a half ago:

"I am a 57-year-old husband, father, and grandfather. I'm an experienced hunter though I've slowed down some due to arthritis. I've harvested some 30 moose, 40 deer, 5 elk, and 45 black bears in my life so far. I wanted to try a different strategy. I recently acquired a crossbow and my plan was to cruise the highway in hopes of harvesting a moose or an elk on the side of the highway.

On September 20, 2019, I headed out Highway 16 east from Prince George, British Columbia around 3 pm. I was trying to keep my speed down to better scout on the sides of the road. As I went about halfway between Willow River bridge and Bridge River bridge, I spun around and slowly made my way back. Unfortunately, a large group of vehicles caught up to me. I had to increase my speed to match the traffic for safety reasons. There were no good pull-off spots. I caught up to another bunch of vehicles. So now I'm stuck between some dozen or so semi-tractor trailers, four-by-fours, campers, and cars.

I then see fur and movement to the right, just on the other side of the guardrail.  I'm looking for moose and elk. I see cork cork-colored fur about five feet wide, massive shoulders, and ten-inch thick arms. The thing is moving in the same direction that I am, so I have a good view of its massive back arms, and the fur on top of the shoulders is highlighted by the sun. I see blondish hair/fur in the valley between the top of those shoulders, but no head is visible. I'm thinking WTF is that thing! Remember I'm driving at the same time.

I then see a tan leather face, tan like the color of a white-tailed deer. I see the cheekbones, the nose, the chin, and the eyes of this thing. The face has no hair, but blonde color hair is under the chin. I can see this thing has a deep chest at least 40 inches from front to spine. The head does not protrude above the shoulders. This thing's head was not visible from the back. I've never heard of such an attribute. Every graphic I've seen clearly portrays the head visible on top of the shoulders but with no neck. I'm baffled if this was a guy in a suit. the maker is an expert-level taxidermist. If it were a suit the guy would have to wear three to four-foot high drywall stilts and walk on a side slope.

Now, get this. In front of the hair on its chest, there are several bright white glowing orbs floating about four inches away or so. They are grapefruit-sized. These transparent-looking orbs are the brightest white in their center. WTH!? None of this makes sense. I did see it and I do not want to forget it. I do not use drugs or consume alcohol. I've been obsessively looking for answers ever since. This thing was 10 to 12 feet tall. It appeared to be in peak health and possessed a physique that I do not think a human could attain. I would guess it had to be 800 pounds or more. There is no way I'm the only guy to see it. I have so many questions now. I believe as you do these are not gorilla/ape-related." Phil

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