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Thursday, September 08, 2022

Massive 'Bipedal Cryptid Canine' Tracked & Killed by Pennsylvania State Police

A northeast Pennsylvania man recalls a bizarre incident with a massive bipedal cryptid canine. It had killed several guard dogs and was supposedly tracked and killed by state police.

I recently received the following account:

"I was recently told by a friend that you investigate strange canine sightings in Pennsylvania. I live in the northeastern part of the state, in rural Monroe County in the Poconos. I have a bipedal wolf account. This occurred on September 3, 1975. I now own the property and still live there.

My father and I were traveling in our family station wagon on a dirt road on our property. When we first saw this creature it had come out of heavy woods and crossed the road while on all fours. We stopped the car and watched it. When it reached the north boundary of our field it stood up on its hind legs. It tried to hide between two mulberry trees. Its head touched a branch that was approximately 12 feet off the ground. My father would later measure its height.

It then ran south, dropping down on all fours. It was running at an unbelievable speed. It covered 100-plus yards and ran out of the southern boundary of our field into the road directly in front of us. From its nose to the tip of its tail it covered the county road from shoulder to shoulder approximately 18 feet! Its left shoulder was about one foot above the center of the hood of our car. When measured it was three feet off the ground putting its left shoulder at approximately four feet tall.

As it ran in front of us crossing the road it turned its head toward us and snarled showing all of its teeth including the canines that were at least six inches long. It had huge amber eyes and just looked plain evil.

The neighbor who owned the woods where the creature had come out of had about 12 guard dogs. He lived alone (we called him 'Mr. Hermit') and owned about 100 acres which included several long retired slate quarry holes that were all filled with clear blue water and huge fish. The woods were also full of deer. By the way, our newly built home was about 50 yards west of where it ran south across the road.

A few nights after this incident, at about 1am in the morning, all hell broke loose! We could hear the neighbor's guard dogs fighting, madly yelping, and being slaughtered. Mr. Hermit opened up with a 12-gauge and kept firing. We would find out later that 9 of his 12 guard dogs were killed.

Our area was under Pennsylvania State Police jurisdiction (there was no local sheriff or police force). Several troopers showed up that night. Then at daybreak, a tactical team arrived in a helicopter, which landed in our field. My father worked the third shift at the time (at Ingersoll Rand) and was just getting home. My father immediately walked up to Mr. Hermit's property. He crossed our field and then directly up his driveway. The State Police refused to let him go any further. My mother was so scared of the ordeal that we had heard the previous night, so she decided to keep us home from school.

Shortly after I saw my father disappear up Mr. Hermit's driveway, small arms fire erupted. We're all looking out our kitchen window in anticipation of the results. The State Police helicopter took off and hovered over Mr. Hermit's property. It then dipped very low and then lifted something huge wrapped in a tarp with a cargo net around it.

My father soon returned and told us that the State Police told him that he was to forget about what we saw. The barracks commander stopped in on his way out to reinforce this. We pestered my father to tell us what it was they shot and killed. This was the only time I had ever seen fear in his eyes. All he said was that he saw them shoot and kill an extremely large wolf. 

He never spoke of the incident again, nor would he acknowledge my inquiries about it. I eavesdropped on him and my mother talking about it after we kids were supposed to be asleep. He said there were nine dead guard dogs and that 12-gauge shotgun shells were everywhere.

By the next night, there was a loaded 12-gauge shotgun at every entrance door with double odd buckshot. My mom had a new handgun at the ready. My father got off the night shift very soon after this incident. There have been no other incidences with bipedal wolves in our area." M

NOTE: I informed the witness that the Pocono area is still well-known for bipedal cryptid canine sightings. I have reported several over the past decade. Lon

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