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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Logger's Harrowing Bigfoot Encounter in Southern Oregon

A southern Oregon logger describes his harrowing encounter with a pair of Bigfoot. His attempt to get a photograph of one of the creatures nearly caused him to be attacked.

"This happened to me in the mountains of southern Oregon. I'm 48 years old and have spent my life hunting, fishing, camping, and for the last years working in the wood/mountains. you can't live in Oregon and not heard of Bigfoot. It's like a Canadian never hearing about moose or hockey. However, minus a possible encounter with one at age 13, I've never actually seen one. That is until last year.

I've worked in a particular area of the wilderness for two years by myself. The first year was uneventful and in the woods, you'd hear normal wildlife sounds. Last year, in late February however, that all changed. I was in one of the spots on the mountain riding a chainsaw. I had just felled a tree. I made one cut into it, and off to the west, I heard four thundering blasts like something took a big solid piece of wood and tried to break a tree in half with it. I mean it was loud. I immediately stopped and looked in the direction it came from. It sounded like it may have been off in the distance a bit, maybe like it echoed from somewhere off the mountain. I went back to work.

Approximately 30 minutes later I had moved 80 yards east on this slope and fell another tree. Again I made one cut into it when suddenly there are four more loud blasts from directly behind me from the south. Whatever it was had followed me and got up behind me this time. I flipped around looking up the hill briefly and then just picked up my saw and left that area for the day and went home. Whatever it was, I felt, didn't want me there.

About a week later I was in a different spot on the mountain. I was cutting firewood and had my three-month-old German Shepherd with me. She was always at my feet everywhere I went, which will come into play here shortly. Anyway, I fell and cut some standing Silver Madrone about 30 yards off the road. I was packing as big of logs as I could throw on my shoulder down the bank above the road pitching them down to the load in the truck to load in the truck. I had made several trips and decided to go down the six-foot embankment to the truck and grab a cold one. As I climbed up the bank I looked down the tree line to my east at around 80 yards away. I see what looks to be a large red-haired silhouette standing next to a large fir tree. The sun was off to its back and lit up part of the left shoulder, the head, its right shoulder, right arm, and leg. I could not really see anything except an outline of reddish-brown hair that the sun was hitting from behind. I wasn't really sure what i was looking at, but eventually, I found out.

Anyway, I'm thinking maybe my mind's playing tricks on me and I go back to work. I made a few trips packing logs one at a time on my shoulder and decided to stop and look down there again. However, this time I don't see it.  I'm still convinced I'm not actually seeing anything in particular. I make a few more trips down to the truck and I look down there again. This time, at that exact moment, my dog starts growling. I look down at her and she is facing the opposite direction I am and growling into the woods. That was freaking unnerving! I looked and I see nothing, but once again I pack up and leave immediately.

Now, things start to get scary. Several days later, I'm heading up the mountain. I have earbuds in listening to a podcast and it was a dreary overcast morning. It is around eight to nine o'clock so it was daylight, but not like a bright sunny day. I came around the corner that followed a little rock ledge and then flattened out for an opening. Something caught my attention to the left. I'm staring at this thing thinking what the 'F' is this? As I approach I'm looking right into the face of something that my brain registers as an effing gorilla. I'm about parallel with it when I realized what I was looking at. There was no doubt that it was 100% a Bigfoot that was squatted down. I very clearly see this animal as it was only 60 feet or so off the road. It was black in color and looked like it was covered in four-inch dreadlocks. The hair was matted looking, and the arms and shoulders were massive. It had black eyes, a kind of a conical-shaped forehead and it was a kind of a gray/blue color. The brow ridge was very pronounced as well as its cheekbones. It had forward-facing nostrils and just looked like pure evil to me.

This all happened so fast that it took my brain a few seconds to think to stop and get a better look and take a picture. At that point, I had driven by it. There was a place to turn around my F-250 just ahead so I hit the gas and sped up to it, turned around, and headed back while ripping out my earbuds and getting the camera ready. However, it was gone. It couldn't have taken me two minutes, but it was gone. So I drove back and forth through this area probably four or five times searching, looking for anything that may have possibly tricked my mind somehow. However, there's nothing even remotely close to what I saw.

So I ended up telling a couple of people about this. One was my brother and he asks why didn't I get a picture.I tried to explain that by the time I processed what I was looking at I was literally passing it by and then it took a second to think about getting a picture. By that time it was gone.

Okay. Now things really get scary to me. Exactly three days later I was back up on the mountain cutting firewood and had my German Shepherd with me. I was in the spot on the mountain that led to a dead end. I turned around and pulled off to the side of this old dirt mountain road. There's an area full of standing dead Madrone. Around 100 yards below this road was an old regrowth area, a bunch of eight-foot-tall Douglas Fir trees down there. I'm cutting some wood, maybe 30 feet down from the road, when I noticed something black in between two of the small Douglas Fir trees. I see this black thing and immediately think it's the black Bigfoot I saw previously.

I think about my brother questioning me as to why I didn't get a picture, so in a moment of courage (which I soon regretted), I thought I'm going to get a picture. I walk back up to the truck, grab my semi-auto 12-gauge, put three extra double-odd buckshot rounds in my breast pocket of my overalls, took out my cell phone, and got ready for a picture.

I headed back there and was about halfway when I looked down at my feet to check on my dog. She wasn't there. So I turned around and she was sitting watching me from beside the truck. So I called her name and she didn't move. At that same time, I heard four steps from down below me where I'd been headed to get a picture. These steps were heavy and broke branches on the ground with every step. I swung around that way and at that moment from up over the truck I heard something I'd never heard before. I have a hard time explaining it. It was a sequence of sounds that almost sounded ape-like with some suction-like clicking sounds thrown in. At that moment my heart sank into my stomach and it all came together. I was surrounded! No doubt the black thing had just heard take four steps. It was the same beast I had just looked right into the face of three days before. There was no doubt that the red-haired one was above me. Holy 'F!' I froze for a moment, then started sounding like a crazy man. I literally verbalized, 'I'm sorry. I'll not try to approach you anymore. I'm going to put my gun down and just need to pick up this wood I cut and I'm leaving.' So, I did back up to the truck and lean the 12-gauge up against it. l loaded up the wood and my stuff and left.

I didn't go back to that area for a while and when I did it was like the mountain was back to normal. The wildlife and the sounds were there. I have no doubt that my drive to get a picture to show my brother damn near got me killed. If I'm ever in that situation again there will be zero chance that I try to get closer in order to take a picture. No effing way!" D

Transcribed source: The Facts By Howtohunt . com - 'Another Logger Shares His Face To Face Sasquatch Encounter'

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