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Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Infamous 'Palmyra Upright Canines' Encircle & Terrify Unaware Campers

A group of friends plans a camping trip in Somerset County, Maine, near Palmyra. The witness details their encounter with the infamous upright canines first documented by Linda Godfrey

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This is my interaction with "The Palmyra, Maine Wolves." This story takes place in 2018, my friends "G", Bryan, Sarah and I love exploring forests and abandoned buildings, occasionally we work up the courage to go to alleged haunted buildings. "G" found a cool little area in the woods in Palmyra that was perfect for camping. He called us and told us and we all started getting ready to go camping for the weekend. I was in charge of bringing food and some sort of protection so I grab my father's machete.

A few hours later he picks Bryan, Sarah, and me up at my house. Halfway there we went to the store for tents and extra batteries. When we leave the store Bryan and I get a weird feeling. But it was a new area for me so I brushed it off. Later we finally get to the campsite and we set up the tents. "G" and Bryan make a fire, and Sarah and I unpack the food and put fresh batteries in the flashlights. We eat dinner and go to bed.

Around 2:30 am Sarah woke me up crying saying she saw something in the woods. This was unusual. Sarah never cried in front of anyone but she was terrified, so I grab a flashlight and we walk out and look around. We see and hear nothing, so I say, "your eyes are just messing with you. It's fine." She nods and goes back to her tent and I go back into mine.

Ten minutes later we hear the most bone-chilling scream ever and everyone jumps out. I grab the machete and we all stand back to back with flashlights pointed out in the forest. We all look and Bryan says, "Guys, I see four pairs of eyes." We look, and about 50 feet away we see the eyes. One of them walks out and it was 7 to 9 feet tall and we backed up slowly so we don't antagonize it more. It makes the most monstrous growl ever! We turn around and run to the truck. We get in and decide to drive to a hotel and come back in the morning when the sun was out.

We get there and rent out a room and stay there. We woke up around 10:30 and go back to get our stuff. All the tents were ripped to shreds and our backpacks were spread across the campsite. We grab all our stuff and promise to never come back." TF

NOTE: You can read about the infamous encounters with these upright canines here - 'Bipedal Wolf Pack' Stalked Family in Palmyra, Maine - Lon

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