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Monday, September 12, 2022

Human-Like Entity Summons Native Boy. What Was It?

A native Oklahoma boy is playing with his sister and cousins. While he is hiding he observes an unexplained human-like being that was calling his name. If not a skinwalker, what was it?

I recently came across an interesting post:

"I live in Oklahoma. Nearly everyone in my county has indigenous blood from many different tribes. You’re actually a bit of an oddity here if you don’t have any. We aren’t Navajo, and Oklahoma isn’t Navajo territory. I don’t know what else it could’ve been, and I didn’t know what else to title this, but Jesus Christ I have never been more scared.

Many years ago I was walking with my two cousins and older sister in the woods around November. It was raining and had gotten dark a lot faster than any of us were expecting. We had flashlights and lenient parents, so we thought we were fine. We were goofing off, playing some game, probably pretending we were squirrels or something. Then we started to play hide and seek.

I ran pretty far away from my cousins and sister, as my sister was It. I hid behind some trees, crouched down, and waited for my sister to find me. I was alone in this part of the woods, my cousins had taken off together to hide in the opposite direction.

About ten minutes into the game, I hear footsteps crunching leaves pretty close to me. I giggled and crouched down further, thinking it was my sister. The weird part was that it was coming from BEHIND me, which would mean my sister would have had to walk right past me to get to where the footsteps were coming from. I obviously hadn’t considered this. I was just a kid. Anyways, I heard footsteps. They circled around me for a bit, and then stopped suddenly. I heard my sister's voice clearly, she said my name. The voice was weird, cold, and a bit hoarse. Goosebumps immediately formed on my arms.

I stood up, not really caring about the game anymore. I’ve always been the easily frightened of my family members, and I thought she was using that to her advantage to draw me out of hiding. Well. It worked. I wavered between running to find my cousins or running up to my sister to beat her up for scaring me. Then she said my name again and demanded I come over to where she was. I could see her when I squinted. She was about 50 yards away, standing decidedly limp.

I was about five seconds from obeying her when my sister grabbed me from behind and yelled “Boo” really loudly in my ear. I screamed and started to cry, just bawled in her arms. She was really freaked out and asked me what was wrong.

I told her about the “person,” and she was really bewildered. She had no idea what I was talking about. She had already found my little cousins, and one of them had snitched on me and told her where I was hiding.

I had never been more grateful for such a betrayal. The voice stopped and the thing disappeared after my sister found me, and we went back home after that. I still haven’t been back in the woods near my grandma, and no one believes me when I tell them about it." LL

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