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Monday, September 19, 2022

Huge Bigfoot Crouched Over Horse Carcass on Kentucky Mountain Road

Two young men from Powell County, Kentucky are riding on a street bike at night when they come across a huge Bigfoot crouched over a horse carcass laying on the mountain road.

The following post was transcribed from The Facts by Howtohunt.com:

"I never have and never will care what people think of me. I try to be a decent person but sometimes people just won't let me. I'm in Powell County, Kentucky, and 46 years old. I've had some crazy stuff happen in my life but when I was 17 and in school, I had this 440 Kawasaki street bike that I rode the summer and winter.

Well, one night I and my buddy Nathan were out riding sometime after midnight and it was about late November. It was kind of cold for just a jacket and gloves but we were young men so it didn't matter much. We rode up Furnace Mountain Road about four to five miles up and, like I said, it was after midnight. We came into the outside lane of an 'S' curve. There was something bigger than us put together and on the bike. It was bent over something dead. We passed on by it pretty fast too. It was simply huge! Nathan leaned up closer to my head and said, 'WTF was that?' I could tell he was nervous and I was too. I told him that I don't want to know. By this time we're about half a mile past it.

I stopped at a little country church and turned around. I told him it looked like a Bigfoot trying to tear something apart and he said he thought the same thing. Being 17 and stupid I guess prompted us to go back by it. So went back by the way we came and as we entered the curve sure enough there it was still bent over whatever it had down on the roadside. I hit the bright on the headlight about at about 75 feet from it and about two seconds later the creature stood up and half turned to face us. Right on by it, we went, on the wrong side of the road of course, and both looked at it instead of the road. Well, I nearly went off the edge of the pavement. Nathan was pounding my sides with open hands and did so halfway back down the mountain.

When it stood up it was twice as tall as me and him sitting on the motorcycle. I won't tell you that I could see its eyes, but I saw the rest of it really well. It was dark brown or black and had a light tan-colored beard, chest, and abdomen hair, kind of how gray looks on a real hairy human man. It was completely covered in long hair that's for sure, except for what I could see of its face. It looked to have a long head and face, and its arms were long and defined. It had tree trunk thick legs. I'm not going to say I was scared to death, but I was freaked out big time.

We went back up that way the next morning to see what kind of animal was laying on the side of the road. What we came across was a very pretty horse laying there with its whole hind torn off of it. The neck was broken and it looked like a truck had hit it by the way its other leg bones all looked.

Since that experience, I've been a Sasquatch enthusiast. I've always wanted to have another encounter." SB

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