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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Giant Pale, Snake-Faced, Hooded Humanoid Encountered at Florida Highway Rest Area

A woman describes, in detail, her encounter with a giant chalk-white humanoid while at a Florida highway rest area. She showed empathy towards the being, even though she was shocked by it.

"It was the Spring of 2007. My then-boyfriend and I were on our way from New York down to Miami to go to a music festival. We were driving south on the highway along the east coast of Central Florida when we pulled into a rest area so that he could catch a nap. He had been driving all day when he decided that he desperately needed a short rest before getting back behind the wheel. We had very recently bought the van and he did not think that I could handle maneuvering it, so he was doing all of the driving. (I later proved him wrong).

He parked and jumped in the back of the van and laid down on the futon mattress that we had laid there. He told me to leave him alone and he proceeded to pass out from exhaustion. I was pretty freaked out because the rest area building was unmanned, locked up, and dark inside. The restrooms were closed. The small rest area building was surrounded by dark woods. There were about four other cars in the small parking lot but no sign of any drivers, so I imagine they were having an emergency lay-down as well.

Normally I would never have set foot outside of the van alone in such a scenario. My instincts told me NOT to get out of the van. But I had taken some Midol for my menstrual cramps and they had given me brutal nausea; I needed some pretzels. I mustered up all of my courage and opened the passenger-side door and squeezed through the space between our vehicle and the vehicle that was parked directly next to ours. As soon as I had a clear line of sight to the front of the rest stop building, I saw the 'thing,' and saw 'IT,' clearly. Straight ahead I saw the brightly-lit front façade of the rest stop. To the left of the doors was 'IT.' To the right of the doors was a vending machine.

Immediately, it communicated with me. I was flooded with what I consider a telepathic message from the being: "I cannot be seen. I cannot be seen. I must travel by night and exist in darkness. I cannot be seen. I cannot be seen. I cannot be seen." And I felt an enormous wave of COMPASSION for the being rather than FEAR, which may seem a more logical reaction to someone hearing this story. For some reason, my brain only categorized IT as one thing initially: an outsider worthy of compassion and tolerance.

Its skin was pure-chalk-white. Not the skin tone “white,” but the color white. Its eyes were several times larger than ours, it had two little air holes for a nose and a very thin mouth. Its frame was completely concealed by its enormous, long, black hooded robe. It looked as though it was quite gaunt underneath, pretty frail looking. It was sitting on its bottom, knees bent, back against the brick front of the rest area, to the left of the front doors of the rest area. It was sitting with its back very straight, tall, and erect. It seemed in awe of me, or maybe in awe that I was actually approaching it.

It looked vaguely like a human, very vaguely. Its face was snake-like. Its eyes were right on me. I threw a little everyday smile in its direction and I did something strange. I continued to walk toward the rest area even after seeing IT. I walked TOWARDS the rest area building, CLOSER to IT. I walked forward about 20 feet from the rear of the van to the rest areas steps, up the 20 or so steps, and to the right, where the vending machine was located. My thoughts at this point were very bizarre in retrospect: I felt bad for the thing. I didn't want it to feel different. I know that sounds hilariously quaint if we are indeed talking about an interdimensional being, but I didn't want to run back into the van because I didn't want to hurt its feelings. I didn't want to make it feel like a freak. It had already told me that it could not be seen due to the way people would react, so I wanted it to know that I didn't judge it for the way it looked and that I was willing to come to terms with its horrific appearance in order to extend some humanity to it. (I did not know about fallen angels and such at the time)

So it was with that very bizarrely strong conviction to be righteous and humane to IT that I walked toward the vending machine. I actually got pretzels. I'm telling you, my stomach was churning. I used the vending machine with my back to it.

Pretzels in hand, I swiveled around to look at IT again before descending back down the steps. It was at that moment that pure terror rippled through me. I was closer to it now, approximately 15 feet away, and I could see now that there was definitely NO WAY that it was human. It was staring right at me like a wide-eyed insect.

It was still in exactly the same position, except that it had turned its head to look at me better as my position changed. It looked like an alien. It looked like a demon. IT. WAS. NOT. HUMAN. Its huge, one-dimensional eyes did not have whites. They were almond-shaped, like the classic alien eye that we all know.

It was then that I realized that it was EXTREMELY TALL, unthinkably tall. Although I was standing and it was sitting, its head still stood taller than mine. Its huge eyes were FIXED on me TOTALLY, with fascination, alarm, and with the most intense focus. Just like the way my cat looks at something right before she pounces on it.

When I had made the decision to climb the stairs towards it and NOT to retreat to the van, I thought that it was sitting ON TOP of something and that that was why its head was raised up so high. Now, from this closer perspective, I could see that it was not sitting on anything but its own butt. If I had realized that it was this fucking tall at the start, I very well may not have gone up the stairs.

So, after the ripple of terror went through me, I responded by smiling the way you smile at a stranger when your eyes catch on the bus. I shot it a casual, thin, innocuous little "heyhowyadoin" smile. Why and how I acted as if things were totally normal, I cannot explain. I have never acted so cool in my life.

If I were to guess what the thing was doing when I encountered it, judging by its body language, I would say that it was somewhat displaced and resting. But I have no clue, maybe it was in the middle of something far more sinister. It did NOT look like a mutant or an experiment. It looked ancient, timeless, and placeless. Graceful, horrible.

It was also firmly in this dimension when I saw it. It was not a hazy vision in the slightest. The lighting was not dim. It was not even a remotely ethereal experience! The extremely bright lights that illuminated the front façade of the rest area building revealed every contour of this entity. If only I had been closer I could have provided much more detail about its facial features.

As I was walking back to the van, I quickly strategized about how to make sure that my fear did not paralyze me and prohibit me from getting safely inside the car. I decided not to look back, or even around me as I turned the key because if I saw that IT had moved or I saw IT coming towards me, I would have been too terrified to manage with the car keys. I got in the van. I locked the door. I screamed that we needed to leave immediately. We did. As we drove away, about 90 seconds after IT was last in my sight, I looked out the window and saw that it was gone. There was nothing where it had been. Just brick wall and concrete floor.

I began to tell my boyfriend that I had just had the ultimate experience, and although he was a dude who was always going on about The Vedas and Madame Blavatsky and whatnot, for some reason his only response was a trite “We’re in Florida, what do you expect?” He was an extremely abusive person so I decided to leave it at that and not attempt to share any more with him.

As far as the height of the entity. At first, I thought that it was about 9 or 10 feet tall. Now that I am drawing a diagram, I realize that IT was likely significantly taller. As I said, IT’s head stood taller than mine, even though I was standing and IT was sitting. I am 5’4.” That means that it was approximately six feet tall from its butt to the top of its head. From its butt to its knees may have been 4-5 feet, and from its knees to feet, 3 feet. But that means that IT was about 14 feet tall. I can hardly wrap my mind around that." G

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