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Friday, September 02, 2022

'Fox-Like Creature' With Strange Human Female Features Encountered in Wales

A Welsh boy encountered a cryptid canine creature in the countryside near his home. The fox-like creature has female human features, along with other aspects that are unexplained. Interesting account.

I recently came across a video and transcribed the account:

"Growing up in the Welsh countryside surrounded by the hills ancient woodland green belt of forests, I've encountered a few strange things myself over the years. The most bizarre, which till now, I've only shared with two people when I encountered a strange creature on a lone walk in a nearby wood. It was my favorite place to frequent as a child.

I was around 9 or 10 years old at the time and walking up a one-lane gravel road that cut between a small wood on a nearby hill. This was a time when parents would kick us kids out to go play until dinner time. We would end up exploring for miles, getting up to all sorts of mischief. To picture the scene, to my left the trees were mainly oak and grew upwards in a stretch of woodland about 2000 feet in length. There was a farmer's field on the hillside at the top this incline started from a raised vertical bank of earth around five feet tall just about eye level to me. As I stood on the track to my left the wood dropped down below me for around 50 feet to meet a country lane. The wood was quite dense and green. This was late summer or early autumn in the afternoon. It was cool and shadowy in places with bits of light breaking sporadically through the canopy above

I was halfway walking up the gravel track before the road met a bend to the left. This bend led to a local farmhouse. It was at this point in the track that a wooden stand or shelf was built into the bank side. I discovered it was used by the farmer to leave milk churns each morning for collection by the local milkman. This is around 1978 when doorstep deliveries of milk were still in fashion. As I paused to rest for a moment and planned on hopping up on the shelf to sit and enjoy the scenery, sudden movement from a shaking holly bush caught my attention around 10 to 15 feet above my eye line to my left. It was quite startling to see the bush moving when the rest of the woods were still. The bushes were around three feet tall.

As I stared at it I could just make out the limbs of an animal of some sort moving in the lower branches slash roots of the bush. This had me on edge instantly as I knew this was a big animal and I was quite familiar with the local wildlife. This thing was unfamiliar. When the bottom edge of the bush parted, a face, which looked like a cross between a fox and a human girl, popped out staring at me. This creature had hands, not paws. Its face is covered in short beige fur, but from the hairline, and small pointed ears. Back along the body was a slightly longer coat, the same color as a chestnut red squirrel, or fox. We stared at each other for seconds and I was mesmerized by her. She looked as startled and shocked as I. Her eyes were piercing blue. It appeared that she was crouched down looking from under the bush facing downward towards me. It was only when she withdrew her face back into the bush and turned to stand straight up and away from me that I noticed that she was about the same height as me, at around four and a half feet tall. With her back towards me, I could see a tail, sleek and tapered and very dog-like, not bushy as a fox would be. She had a slender taut muscular back and muscular hind legs which were retrograde like a canine, but her arms and front legs were more slender and human-like with elbows. I cannot remember seeing her back feet but in that instant, her arms shot out from her size raised to the elbows. The fingers on her hands spread out. They were a charcoal gray color and each finger ended in small sharp claws or nails.

There was a pause and she sprang forwards, bounding and plowing upwards, zigzagging through the bushes and woods towards the field above. She cleared the distance on this deep incline in seconds, in a blur of sticks and leaves. I've seen a badger run up that hillside and walked it myself. She cleared it in a ridiculous amount of time. It was only then that the fear kicked in and snapped me out of my shock. I panicked, wondering which way to run. Either upwards to the farmhouse or back down the track to the road, then home.

I've never told anyone in my family and only two friends until much later in life. It wasn't for fear of ridicule but their belief in my story that deterred me. My family and friends have always said I had a wonderful imagination so would have thought and said I had made it up or imagined it. I've kept this to myself for years and I'm 54 now. But I still enjoy a childlike wonder and an open mind for all things mysterious and unexplained on this Earth. I've experienced many other paranormal supernatural things in my time on this planet, some truly terrifying. I think if you're in tune with this side of things and have had these types of experiences then you're more open and likely to encounter other things." SW

Transcribed source: The Facts By Howtohunt . com 

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