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Friday, September 09, 2022

'Fairy Man' on a Tree? You Tell Me (PHOTO)

I received the following photo and description from Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives. What are your thoughts? Is it an actual photograph of a little person, a fairy, etc? Or is it simply an example of pareidolia?

"I went to the Rotary Park in Perry, Georgia. I jokingly stood in the middle of a mushroom ring and laughed to myself and thought, 'Oh well. So I did not go into another dimension.' I walked down the pathway in the woods along a creek.

There I saw this beautiful tree over the creek. I thought it was so beautiful that I took a picture of it intending to use it as wallpaper for my cell phone. When I returned home, I got to zoom in and look at it closely for details. To my amazement, I noticed this tiny man in a yellow shirt with blonde hair and a beanie. He seems to have a frog creature on his back and is looking down to the left at what seems as you zoom in and out to be a black ape-like face.

Anyway, I have shown it to many others and they see him too. I now want you to see it because it is truly amazing. Fairies are real! This has really changed my life and thoughts in a magical way. I leave little gifts there like tobacco and hard candy on the tree. My friend went to the park the other day and said they have cut down the fairy tree! I felt sad about that but I must return and make sure for myself. He is on the left side of the tree under a skinny limb. Please check it out! It is so fascinating." JB

NOTE: OK folks. Judge for yourself. Tell me your thoughts. Lon

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