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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Dogman / Cryptid Canine Recorded in Paradise Park, Chisago Lake, Minnesota (VIDEO/CAPTURES)

The following screen captures were from a video that was originally posted on Facebook. The creature was apparently seen and recorded in Paradise Park in Chisago Lake, Minnesota.

"I and the kids saw some kind of creature at the edge of a field stalking a group of deer today right before sunset about 7-8PM and yes it was moving its head and ears. It was not a tree stump. We only captured its attention a few times to where it turned and looked directly at us (you can see it turn its head and look over at us in the video) and then would immediately turn back to watching the deer. It wasn't concerned with us at all, it was completely fixated on the deer. I know it's another typical blurry picture where you can barely make out its features, it was across a large field and this is the clearest picture our phones could get. But you can clearly see its ears, an eye, the shape of its head, long arms in the front, and what looks like a mane around its neck where the hair is longer/thicker. It doesn't look like a bear to me and there aren't any cougars around this area, not that I know of anyways. This was out east from Chisago Lake, Minnesota where a family friend of ours had a pretty terrifying encounter some years back with a "creature" that walked on 2 legs "bent backward" and ran across the road right in front of her vehicle. She's so traumatized by the experience she won't even talk about it. Anyways it taught me to keep an open mind about things (we have 2 encounters not far from this area actually, maybe I'll come back one day and tell those stories) but for now, I'm just looking for some feedback on what others think it might be because I have no idea, it looks pretty weird." SG

NOTE: The actual post and original video can be found at North American Dogman Project - Region 3 It can also be found on YouTube. What are your thoughts? Lon

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