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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Dogman & Cryptid Canine Incidents in Michigan

A collection of cryptid canine sightings and encounters in Michigan. Even though the infamous 'Gable Film' (Michigan Dogman) was a complete hoax, people regularly report these unknown canines.

"I have lived in northern Michigan my entire life. I am 53 years old. When we were teens in the 80s we would drive around the trails and two tracks and try to get lost exploring. One night, near the Manistee National forest, we saw a Dogman and we freaked out! We went to our friend's house where his uncle also lived. My friend's uncle was a hardcore logger from the area. He told us about loggers in the area seeing Dogman and Bigfoot for hundreds of years. One thing my friend's uncle told us was that the Indians tell the story that the Dogmen are actually here to protect us from unknown creatures that live deep underground and sometimes surface to feed. Strange but could possibly be true" TW


"I’m from Wexford, Michigan and my dad told me and my brothers this story all of my childhood. My brothers tortured me with the song. Now I’m obsessed with ANYTHING to do with the supernatural. But I absolutely swear I lived out in Meauwataka (don’t know how to spell it) and when I and my family were out late, my parents and brothers went to the house after a long time of putting our trampoline up for the summer and I was still out in the dark. As I was walking back I heard scuffling to the side of me in the brush and huffing/heavy breathing and when I look over I see bright yellow eyes. I swear to god on that. I’m 20 now and it literally just resurfaced in my memory. Whether it’s the Dogman or something else, there is something in them woods." MP


In the Fall of 2009, my son and I were driving on US-41/M-28 towards Three Lakes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (where I live). The beast ran across the highway near Tioga Creek. Moose regularly cross in front of drivers, so we watch the sides of the roads carefully. We were very puzzled and thought it might be some mutant wolf and could not figure out what we witnessed. It ran fairly fast about 50 feet in front of our truck. It was so strange because the front of it was much higher up than the back, larger than a wolf. Very strange to see it on your website.

NOTE: I contacted the witness and asked for any further detail of the sighting. This is what I received:

The side view shape of the animal was almost like an human shape, with the front legs longer than the back legs which made it run funny. It ran like a bear runs, with the exception of the back legs being shorter if you can picture that. The front, from the angle I saw, looked like it must of had a wide chest. The head appeared wolf-like, but it definitely was NOT a wolf. The color was brown and black mixed. The hair seemed med-long, like a wolf, and I remember thinking it might of had mange, must of had patches of hair missing.

I was telling my son, who is 13, about what I had found on your site and asked him what he remembered. He gave the same description, how very strange and out of place it was. He said that this spring he saw the same type of thing on a logging road near our house (I do remember him telling me that at that time) and it was the same thing. He was riding his dirt bike (we live in an extremely remote area) and it ran across the trail. I know where he is talking about because I pick berries there and do get a weird feeling like something is watching me. After doing further research today, there are a lot of reports of strange creatures in this area that go back many, many years.

Who knows what it is, but as long as it's not hurting anything, I hope it is left alone. I am very familiar with the wildlife. I do hunt and know my tracks. I have not seen any strange tracks, but now will really keep my eyes open. Please keep me informed if you get any other reports from my area." R


"Born and raised in Muskegon Michigan. Back in 2002 or 2003, I was on my way to work, on Ravenna Rd doing 65 MPH trying to make it on time, I saw an animal. I describe it as looking like the black wild dogs on Avatar. The reason I say this is for the mouth on this thing. Scary teeth that looked wicked. The wolf-looking animal was like 4 feet tall on all fours running fast towards the west,.I'm almost into Ravenna thinking Muskegon is doomed. I might read about hundreds massacred tomorrow while I'm out here working 3rd shift tonight. Anyway, this thing was no joke." MM

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