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Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Daylight Sasquatch Encounter at Halls Pond, Connecticut

A young man and his uncle are fishing on a boat on Halls Pond, Connecticut during the day. After hearing noises, they both clearly observe a Sasquatch running along the shore in front of them.

The following account was posted on the 'Bigfoot Canada' Facebook page:

"My name is Nate and I had an encounter with Sasquatch that I would like to share with you. It's very short and sweet but nevertheless, it's my encounter. So I'll begin with the year.

It was 2012 and the month was early August. I was 17 years old at the time. Two years leading up to this I would take a trip from Pennsylvania to Connecticut to visit my aunt and uncle for a week. Every time I'd visit my uncle and I would pick a day to go fishing at a nearby lake called Halls Pond (in Natchaug State Forest). We always had awesome luck fishing catching all sorts of largemouth bass and pickerels. Nothing out of the usual ever happened though.

Well, the time I visited in 2012 something strange did happen. We were fishing for my uncle's boat all day at Halls Pond like we do every year. Towards the end of the day around 7 pm, we were fishing one of the last shorelines before we called it quits. The entire length of the shoreline that we fished we kept hearing something in the woods walking parallel to us. It was out of sight we just assumed it was a squirrel or a bird making noise in the leaves.

We kept fishing and eventually came to a small cove-like area on the land and continued hearing it. I looked up and behind a tree in front of our boat was something dark black but I couldn't quite make out exactly what it was. I yelled to my uncle, 'Hey look that's what's making the noise," and pointed towards it. The second I pointed the black figure ran from behind the trees on two legs right along the shoreline in plain sight. It was running on two legs with black hair roughly four inches long. I never got a good look at his face, but its arms and shoulders really stood out to me. It had long arms that reached below its knees and massive shoulder muscles almost as round as basketballs. It ran so smoothly it almost looked like it was floating through the air. No head bobbing at all when it ran. It ran right in front of us for about five solid seconds until it disappeared into the deeper forest.

The second we couldn't see it anymore we noticed that we couldn't hear it making any more noises in the woods. No leaves or sticks breaking. My uncle and I both knew exactly what we saw. I asked my uncle to go to shore for me to investigate a little bit but my uncle was genuinely scared and refused. He insisted that we go back to the boat ramp and head home. 

After we loaded the boat up and headed back to his place he said to me in the truck how he was so happy that I was there to witness that with him. He would go night fishing out there and he said he had rocks thrown at him while he was on the lake and he would hear weird vocalizations. He believes that there really was a Sasquatch out there and the sighting in broad daylight that we shared together just put the icing on the cake. We never saw anything else after that encounter but we will never forget that day!" AC

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