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Thursday, September 08, 2022

'Crawler Humanoids' Encountered by Experiencer in Eastern Europe

A Hungarian woman recalls her various crawler humanoid encounters throughout eastern Europe. I wonder if she somehow attracts their attention? 

I came across the following accounts:

"I'd like to share a few of my experiences I've had in the past. I'm from Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary, and all of my experiences happened in eastern Europe. Some are older, while some are quite fresh, that being said. I'm not quite sure if all of my encounters are connected to crawler humanoids, but I have seen and heard many strange things in my life.


I was for about 12 years old when this happened (I am 24 now). I spent my summer time with my brother and my cousin at my grandmother's house. I've always hated that place. The old, ruined buildings, the backyard covered with dense vegetation, and animals' remains made the whole thing even worst. Not to mention, we've always been scared to go outside after sunset, because we tend to hear strange noises outside and the light barely hit the end of the backyard.

On that night, my cousin woke us up and ordered us to grab our slippers and let's go outside because he need to use the toilet badly. The thing is, that in my grandmother's house there was no toilet inside. The only toilet we can use was an old, small toilet at the end of the backyard in a small, ruined building, close to the other ruins. This usually forced us to drink and eat carefully before night, because going outside alone in the dark as a child was a creepy journey, and we already experienced many things before. We tried to convince him to come on, try to hold it for 2-3 hours when the sun slowly starts to shine upon the yard at least, but he told us to fuck off, and that he can't do that, so get our ass up and go.

We didn't have too much choice anyways, so we prepared fast and with my lead - of course, the only girl had to go first, definitely for courtesy purposes, huh? - we left the house. He ran inside the building, which lay far from the "main house" where we actually abstained. I and my brother "stood guard". The Moon was bright, so to keep my mind busy and out of "fear", I laid my eyes on it, and tried to enjoy the sight and the illusionary "safeness" it gave me for a short period.

When suddenly, I heard the neighbor's dog barking, screaming, shrieking like hell. In the voice of the dog was a mixture of dread, confusion, and pain, like if would actually beat him or something like that. I had no clue what was going on. I knew that for some reasons, the neighbor kept his dog closed inside a safe building before the dark fell, but the door was actually a door of a fence, so it always managed to see the yard. The yard where he tend to stay was also closed. This dog never really barked at the night, at all and even if he did sometimes, it was never, never like this - I can safely say that I never heard such a voice coming from a dog before.

We both stared in the direction where the dog was, trying to figure out what was happening, but the ruined building covered the scene. We waited, didn't dare to move closer either so we keep staring in the pale dark when the barking suddenly stopped. Something terrible fear sat on us in those, dead silent moments (which actually followed us til the end of the encounter). When finally I noticed the reason of that terrible crying.

A pale-skinned, eerily thin creature appeared before us from about 15-20 meters away. He's walked on fours in a way I've never seen its any other being walking before. It was hunched over, and its limbs were just too long for its torso. He was hairless, bald. His eyes doesn't shine, but when he turned his head towards us, the lamp behind us made his eyes glow. When he noticed me and my brother, he froze for some seconds, but then the creature started to move his head, twisting, turning. His movements gave me a sense that he is actually trying to observe us from far away and decide what to do. His body also moved strangely, sometimes he raised his whole torso, and his long and thin arms left the ground, sometimes he leaned back to all fours, as he stared at us. My brother almost started to cry and asked what the hell is that. I heard that he made one step behind me, but didn't dare to run. Both I and he got paralyzed by the appearance and the look of the creature. I knew that my cousin can finish his business at any time, and if he'll come out, he'll face the creature, so I tries to raise my voice and said: "H-hey, there is something outside!". At that point, I didn't care too much about the creature, he already spotted us anyways.

I felt how his eyes are focused on me after that warning. I just felt it. I can't really describe that feeling. Everything was dead silent around us. No birds, no crickets, no dogs, nothing. I tried to calculate what to do, but I realized that the house is too far from us, so even if we'd try to flee, the creature could reach us easily if that would be his purpose, and our cousin would be still outside. I'm not quite sure how long we stared at each other, honestly, I have no clue, it felt like long minutes. But then, he turned his body, gave us a final gaze, with his head raised, then flee from a different direction. The reed fence which separated my grandmother's plot and the other neighbor's was for about 10 feet tall, and I swear to God, this creature jumped over it with one single jump!

That night keeps haunting me and brings me old questions again and again. I am still not satisfied with the "answers" I got, and I don't know why the creature left us alive.

Long years after this, I still ask my brother about this encounter sometimes, to convince myself that I'm not crazy, not like the time would wash away the truth. I ask him if he still remembers that night. He always answers, in a low tone with a yes, and we never talk about it any further.


This experience happened in the same town where I had that encounter with the pale creature, 2 years ago. I was sleeping in my other grandmother's house, which is located at the very end of the town. Like literally, it was actually the last street, which led out to the wilderness, towards the forest and the fields.

I kept my windows open, because in the summer at the night, a little fresh, cold air is always a big help when you try to fall asleep. Only the shutter covered the windows a little bit, just in case, not want people to peek inside.

In the middle of that night, I was dragged out of my dreams, by a terrible voice I'd never heard before. I can not describe it perfectly. It... sometimes sounded like a mixture of several "creatures", but wasn't perfectly similar to any I'd know, it was kinda "static" if that makes sense. It was sometimes like screeching, hissing, clittering, moaning, and what freaked me out the most, was that sometimes I managed to hear a human voice between those strange, nightmarish sounds, but definitely coming from the very same source. A deep, human voice that wasn't right either, at all. It just wasn't natural. I can't make out what he actually tried to say, but he often repeated the same sentences, then the strange sounds came again as if whatever was outside, tried to mock me.

I lay in my bed, squeezed my hands on my mouth to try to not make any sound, and tears started to flow down my cheeks. Not just the sounds, I've seen and heard many scary things before, but the vibe, the atmosphere made this situation even more worst. I felt like a caged animal, who is stared at by a hungry predator, ready to break in. And I think, it was actually the case. Because I spent a lot of time in that house, and I've heard a lot of people walking before the house at different times of the day and night, so I can make it out two things. Two things: the source of the voice is looking in that direction, before my window, and the second is that it has to be at least 8ft tall, to be able to make these sounds from that high (because the house has a higher built base).

It felt like an eternity, and I realized that my dog is silent. Normally he barks at everyone who is approaching the house. He is very-very overprotective, big Staffy, but on that night, he went dead silent, and I didn't hear any other sounds coming from outside (like other dogs' barking which was, well, a huge problem in that part of the town unlike on the another), and I surely started to fear that he got attacked or killed by this, something.

By how the voice changed - before went completely silent suddenly, I can say almost after when it left my window -, this thing turned around, and took its way down on the narrow, ruined road, back to the endless forest and fields to vanish in the dark.


This happened close to that town (~20km distance) where I experienced the two things I've mentioned above, on the edge of a city, surrounded by woods, wilderness, and also, from a different direction, endless corn fields - embraced by... um, more woods, of course.

I was outside in the dark (around 04:00 CEST), walking with my dog. For some reason, I prefer to walk my dog after the sunset, because the roads are empty, and everything is silent, so I can be "alone". I almost reached the park, when something terrible feeling just hit me, and I recognized, that everything went dead silent. No birds chirping, no dogs barking, no crickets or any kind of bugs, no bats making sounds, nothing. I immediately felt like someone or something is watching me, and before I'd take my gaze toward the direction from where I felt this the most; towards the park, the pale lights around that area burned out completely. Everything went black. My dog stopped moving and sniffing around, and stared in the pitch dark with me. Suddenly, I started to hear a strange noise coming from the dark, somewhere above, probably from a top of a tree. I had similar vibes to what I've got in my second story (this just happened ~8 months ago). Static murmuring, chittering noises started to come from the dark. I tried to see the source but I can't. There was no light at all, so if that would be a creature, the lights couldn't make its eyes glow, because there was none. I didn't have to push my dog to go back, he literally started to run back to the house, and I keep looking back in that direction, while that terrible feeling of being watched, literally, eaten alive by eyes, kept torturing me.

I actually had some other scary/strange experiences around this place too, with strange figures and feelings. After this experience, my dog absolutely refuses to go near that park at night." AW

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