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Friday, September 09, 2022

Bizarre 'Fish-Faced Humanoid' Encountered in Quebec Woods (VIDEO / PHOTO)

A Youtuber uploaded a video that was apparently filmed on September 26 or 27, 2013 in the woods around Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In the video, an unidentified man films himself walking through the forest at night. It is never established why he was doing this. (I was unable to find the original video which might have provided some context for why he was doing this. It's entirely possible that he is looking for something though, I'm just speculating.) Eventually, he comes upon something that frightens him, and after exclaiming “Oh, s***! Oh, God!” He immediately turns and begins running in the other direction. Given how dark the footage is, it's not entirely clear what he saw until one slows down the video and zooms in.

Further ahead on the trail, something appears to peek out briefly from a tree before returning to its original position behind the tree. The creature does not appear to be any type of known animal, rather, it's pale, fish-faced, with seemingly large eyes. It looks almost like an alien grey. The YouTuber noted that he thought the video was the real deal. “What gives this video a more authentic feel is the uploader's reaction upon seeing the creature for the first time. It genuinely seems as though he just saw something that startled him and caused him to run for his life.”

One of my first thoughts upon seeing the footage was that it was a HideBehind, given how it seems to instantly duck behind the tree upon being spotted. The Hidebehind is a nocturnal critter from American folklore that preys upon humans that wander the woods. It was blamed for the disappearances of early loggers when they failed to return to camp. As its name suggests, the Hidebehind is said to be able to conceal itself. When an observer attempts to look directly at it, the creature quickly hides behind an object or behind the observer and therefore cannot be directly seen. So, is that what this creature was?

Source: Youtuber Sir Spooks, from a video titled “25 Scariest Creature Videos of All Time” Uploaded 21 Jul 2020

NOTE: The 'Hidebehind' stories have been around for quite a while. The updated version may very well be similar to the crawler humanoid phenomenon. The 'fish-like' facial features of this humanoid are very interesting. Lon

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