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Monday, September 19, 2022

Bizarre & Creepy Encounters With Black-Eyed Kids

4 bizarre accounts describing encounters with black-eyed kids. Are these children supernatural, or possibly a harbinger? Have you ever had an unexplained incident with these beings? 

Here are a few reports that have been forwarded to me:

"I have had a black-eyed child encounter. My mother and I were driving home right as Hurricane Sandy was starting and my mom needed to get us home. That is when we saw a boy maybe 10 and a girl maybe 7 on the sidewalk when we got into the car. We passed them off as nothing. This was a strip mall, so maybe their parents worked here?

Right before we started the car they knocked on the window. My mother cracked it open. It was clear she felt the same discomfort that I had. They told us they needed to get home and for some reason, my mother said no. But before she could drive away the children started reminding us of the storm, how they had no umbrellas, that they were children. My mom was reaching for the unlock button when I saw the black eyes, not like the pupil was gone but like the whole eye was black. I yell 'NO' to my mother. The second I did, she stepped on the gas. We still talk about today." HK


"The year was 2012, I was 6 years old and living in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. One day, I was walking with my father, back home from school, and saw two Asian kids with completely black eyes. Since I hadn't seen anyone with completely black eyes, I stared at them, but then they saw me making eye contact, so they just froze, sanding on the sidewalk. I told my dad since he never looked at them. He told me a story about the black-eyed kids. I wasn't that scared.

That night, I was walking to the bathroom and suddenly slipped and fell hard to the floor. I thought that I had felt and stepped on water but later discovered that the floor was dry. It was weird. I immediately thought back it to my earlier sighting of the 2 black-eyed kids.

I saw an older Asian couple two weeks later, but when I saw them, they just looked down so then they couldn't make eye contact. Maybe they were their real parents, IDK." GG


"This happened to me in 2000, when I was 7 and my small twin brother and sister were 5 and my elder sister was 9. My mum and we three kids were sleeping in a big bed and my sis was gone to watch TV in the neighbours house. It was nighttime so my mum just closed the door and didn't lock thinking that my elder sis will return, but she didn't. And we all fell asleep leaving the door closed but locked.

So later that night someone cracked opened the door. My mum thought it was my sis and told her to come and sleep and lock the door but no one replied. My mum was half asleep and as she opened her eye she saw a small boy who was pale white and slightly bigger with black eyes. It was around 1 am. My mum screamed and neighbours came to our house. Actually, we were living in a flat style building, so neighbours were just next door. And that boy just vanished in front of mum. She told everyone but no one believed her.

The next night my neighbour aunty was outside just to take some fresh air at night and the same guy again came and started throwing stones at her. She screamed and ran into her room. That day was a holiday and my father and her husband were at home. So my father and her husband started chasing that kid. That kid was talking in some other language. After chasing for 5 minutes or so the kid stopped and started shouting at my uncle and dad. And just vanished in front of them. After that, they returned and got ready to sleep. After an hour that kid came again and started banging on our door. We were too afraid to open it this time. After some time he stopped.

3 days after that incident my father died. I'm 25 now and we live in Nepal. That incident took place when we used to live in India. I don't know if that thing was a supernatural being or what. I can never forget his face." SG


"I was about 12 years old in 2008. I was laying in the bed in my parent's room. There's a window over the bed. I hear a whisper. I look out to see what I heard. I see a little girl around my age. She had long hair and an all-black silhouette. Dead dark eyes.  We made eye contact. We stared at each other for what felt like forever. Mind you this is the backwoods of Mississippi. There are no lights outside our house but an orange security light about 40 yards to her right. She was just standing in the driveway. I remembered waking up the next morning with my head still in the window. She was gone but I've never forgotten her." JM

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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