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Monday, September 19, 2022

'Ancestral Puebloan' Spirits Watch Campers Along the Green River, Utah

A group of campers was in the Green River Valley in Utah in the area once inhabited by the Ancestral Puebloans. They started to experience moving shadows at night, as if they were being watched.

The following account was forwarded to me:

“We were river rafting down the Green River in Utah, in former Anasazi territory around 1995 or so. We saw a few of their skulls at a small cave in which two bodies were found, which was pretty cool because of the head binding, but also a bit creepy. There were stakes they had driven into the canyon, perhaps for burial but nobody really knows. Lots of stories about how they just up and disappeared and no one knows what happened to them.

We stopped at camp and after dinner set up a nice fire on the sand near the river to hang out. When we ran out of s'more fixings, I volunteered to go back to the camp kitchen to get refills. Since it was an almost full moon, I didn't even need a flashlight going back along the trail. I started noticing movement out of the corner of my eye and heard what sounded like whispers, though no real rustling sounds to indicate people moving. As I turned towards the movement, I started to see them. Maybe half a dozen shadows running low to the ground at a near crouch, then disappearing behind bushes. I laughed out loud, thinking it was my river buddies trying to prank me, and shouted something along the lines of, "very funny guys" and grabbed the food from the kitchen.

On the way back, more shadows moved towards me and crouched into the shadows around rocks and bushes to disappear, more whispering (a bit louder), but again that eerie lack of movement sound. It was genuinely creeping me out at this point, but I was still telling myself it was just my mates being silly. Got back to the fire, and people were stoked about the s'mores. I told them that they did a good job pranking me. They swore up and down they had nothing to do with it, they weren't pranking me. We all mostly laughed it off and made jokes about Anasazi ghosts, but still, nobody went to relieve themselves or left their tent at night alone from then on out.

On the trip back, one of my river buddies confessed that she had seen the same thing as I did earlier that night, heard the whispering, and was also creeped out. They didn't make any noises that indicated movement but were obviously moving through tall, dry grass. Still gives me the shivers thinking about it." EG

NOTE: The Native Navajo do not use the term 'Anasazi' since it is disrespectful, translated as 'ancient enemy.' 'Ancestral Puebloans' is the preferred reference. Is it possible that the 'Old Ones' or The Spirit Walkers' were watching these campers? I believe so. Lon 

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