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Saturday, September 17, 2022

'Alien Experiencer' Describes Her Perplexing Abduction & Encounters (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

A young Alberta, Canada woman recalls her experiences, including an abduction, with alien beings. Her family eventually began to believe her accounts. Her mother later recalled her own incidents.

Justin Chernipeski, host of the Youtube channel, “Mountain Beast Mysteries” was put in contact with a young woman, Emily Manderscheid, who claimed to have had several bizarre experiences involving aliens. He later produced a short documentary.

Emily, 20, a tattoo artist in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, wasn't sure if the experiences were real or if they were attributable to sleep paralysis and hallucinations. In 2017, Chernipeski visited the Manderscheid home and interviewed both Emily and her mother, Jen.

According to Emily, the first experience happened in October 2013:

“I had woken up in my bed feeling completely normal and... I wasn't able to move. After I had felt that initial panic, I began to try to move and it was possible, it was just very difficult. I remember being able to get my knees up to my chest and roll over onto my side and get my feet onto the ground and I remember being able to feel like the cold floorboards underneath my feet. After that had happened, I remember seeing a bright light coming through my bedroom window.” Emily described feeling a “force” pushing her back into the bed. “Everything began to, like, buzz and vibrate and I could see my bedroom door swing open, and three tall black silhouettes kind of floated into my room.” She recalled seeing the beings coming closer to her. “I had seen them looking at me from beside my bed... They looked very angry.” “After that, my jaw had stretched open. Everything was still buzzing and vibrating and I began to get lifted up towards my ceiling. After that, I remember fighting it really really hard because the first thing that came to my mind, obviously, was, “I'm getting abducted by aliens!” Like, it was the only thing that made sense to me at that moment and after I'd gotten lifted up towards my ceiling, I remember my nose touching my ceiling, I got snapped back into bed and that's where I woke up.” Upon waking, Emily began to feel extremely nauseous. “I ran to my bathroom throwing up. I had bruises all over my legs all over my thighs and inner thighs.” Emily spent some time trying to figure out what had happened to her and after searching Google, she discovered something called sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations. She thought, possibly, that could explain her experience. “It was the only thing that made sense to me at that moment.”

The second experience, according to Emily, was “extremely disturbing”:

“I was laying in bed on my side and my blanket lifted up above me and started rotating above me. I could see between my blanket and my mattress, a face, and this face was white grey. It had these like huge, just black eyes, like, just deep, deep black. It was like if you've ever looked at, like, a great white shark's eyes, like, that's what it looks like and I could feel it breathing on me and touching me.” That was her last memory of the experience.

Her third and final bedroom encounter did not involve aliens:

“My third experience was extremely vague. It almost felt more so like a lucid dream. It wasn't as real as the first two. I just, like I said, vaguely remember getting thrown across my room and into my stand... I remember laying on my side and then waking up in bed. That was when I got thrown across my room. I remember getting thrown across my room into that mirror and lying on the ground.”

Emily's mother, Jen, thought at first she was making it up to scare them, a campfire story, as it were, but gradually she and her husband, Darren, Emily's father, began to believe it:

“Over the years... we kind of made little jokes and fun at her about it and sometimes she was impressed and she laughed with us and sometimes she didn't... she was, she got upset and started crying and I remember sometime, you know, I would be sleeping and her vent is directly over the spare bedroom, which is right next to our bedroom, and I would hear her crying in the middle of the night and kind of, like, whimpering and whatever, and I'd go down and I check on her and she said she that she was fine or whatever, but so I don't know what was actually going on. I never witnessed any of it but I certainly thought that there was something to it.”

In an interesting twist, Emily's mother, also had an experience while living in Ontario, when she was a little girl-

“When I was younger, I was probably about eight years old and we lived in southwestern Ontario and we lived in an old abandoned farmhouse that my dad had renovated and fixed up. I was walking out in the field. We had cornfields and soybean fields that surrounded the house and it's probably wheat and a couple of other crops or whatever, anyways, I was out in the field right directly in back of our house and I saw, like, the wheat field was groomed in this perfect circle, like a crop circle, almost, and it was so perfectly groomed like there was no way any animal could have done it. My dad... of course, I went running back to my dad and got my dad to come and look at it. He's like, oh, no, you know, like a bear probably laid there or something and I'm like there is no way, the way it was so perfectly groomed out into a perfect circle that it wasn't any kind of animal and I always, ever since then, like, growing up there until we left and move to Alberta, I always had a bit of a sense that there was more out there than what we and what I think we know I believe.”

Emily also recalled another incident, a sighting, that occurred sometime after:

“I was out here having a cigarette and just in the sky towards Bon Accord (Alberta) over there, you could see three saucer-shaped (objects). They were kind of moving in a wavy kind of direction. They would light up for three seconds, die down for three, and light up for three. Let's just say I didn't sleep that night kind of knowing that something would happen to me in my sleep again. There was no sound. It was really eerie. If anything, they were... graceful but, you knew that they had different intentions.”

Emily has still reservations on whether or not it was actual sleep paralysis/hallucinations or something else:

“I think anybody would kind of want to believe that it was sleep paralysis or there was something that could explain [it away] easily... That feeling I had that night was it was just insane... I hallucinated like most people do but I also experienced physical things with that so that makes it hard for me to just say that it was just a dream and when I experienced sleep paralysis now like I said, it's very small and insignificant but every time it does, it still shocks me to the point I'm like I always feel paranoid after because I don't know if you know that's just all in my head or if they're trying to come after me again.”

Transcribed source: Mountain Beast Mysteries - “ALIEN ABDUCTION OR SLEEP PARALYSIS? Short Alien Documentary 2017”

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