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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Alien Abductee's Regressive Therapy, Recalling Encounter (VIDEO)

Shel Marie had a terrifying encounter with alien beings on their ship. She has suffered nearly three decades of traumatic memory loss and a feeling of shame. Now, she visits a hypnotherapist to finally get to the bottom of what she could not recall from that day.

Shel Marie was a student at Alaska Pacific University when she had an experience involving a UFO. It was 10:00-11:00 PM and she had gone out to have a cigarette. She noticed that all the rooms were dark as everyone had gone to bed. As she stood looking up, she observed a massive box-like object hovering over the dormitory.

“It looked like the puzzle box from Hellraiser (a 1987 horror movie directed by Clive Barker) except it was all black,” she noted. It was completely silent. “If I didn't look up, I never would have seen it.” It had three lights on the bottom in a triangular formation and one in the middle which was red. That was her last memory. She blacked out and had no memory of walking back to her dorm that night.

Shel reached out to the Discovery Channel who put her in touch with a certified hypnotist Deborah Faithrose who agreed to assist Shel in recovering her memories. It was eventually featured in the Discovery Channel's “Aliens In Alaska”. Under hypnosis, she recalled more details of the craft including that it had grooves on the walls and underneath, that crossed over each other. “It was almost like a map”. She also recalled seeing writing.

“There's some kind of language on there.” It was a language that she did not understand. She knew that they, whoever was inside, were not human and she felt intense overpowering fear. She also knew that they knew she was there watching them. The object looked to be about 3 inches above the dorm and she assumed it was going to land on the roof of the building. Shel watched as it slowly moved away and vanished from view.

Source: Aliens in Alaska, Season 1, Episode 1, “Men in Black” Episode aired Feb 15, 2021

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In this episode of Phantoms & Monsters Radio, we present Carrie and Greg, a married couple living in Summit County, Ohio who have been dealing with a 12-year saga. Namely, there are monsters in their yard. Cryptid canines are a part of their everyday life. Join us for an intriguing look at the evolution of their ordeal...what they have experienced and what they have learned from it.

Carrie and her husband Greg moved into their Summit County, Ohio home in 2003. Greg is an Executive Chef and Carrie is a School Nutrition Specialist. They have three children and a ten-year-old granddaughter. They are avid outdoor enthusiasts and spend as much time as possible camping, scuba diving and hiking with their two dogs Liberty and Ripley. Their experience with the canine cryptids began in 2010. 

Early on, Carrie and Greg's son witnessed a large, dark creature over six feet tall lurking in the tree line.

The lone rooster began to squawk and the creature let out a fierce growl, then all went silent. He heard what sounded like something jumping back over the fence, and the rooster squealed as if in pain. At that point, he grabbed a gun and flashlight and ran outside, searching the fence from the front porch with his light. He saw the rooster but it appeared to have something dark over its middle. It slowly dawned on him that the “something dark” was the muzzle of a creature with two glaring eyes.

“Whatever it was,” he said, “it seemed to look through me. It turned my blood cold and I was paralyzed with fear. I’m a hunter. I’m used to being in the wilderness and encountering bigger animals. Those animals don’t scare me as this thing did. When I encountered this thing the first time, I got the feeling that it wanted to hurt me. After researching something I’ve never believed in, I’m convinced that this thing is a Dogman.”

Loud howls and the sound of something walking on two legs in the gravel driveway plagued the family for years. The family kept a detailed diary of their strange events.

The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team was contacted in early 2022. Their ordeal has continued for almost a dozen years, and the intensity of the encounters has prompted the family to seek help. We are actively conducting a full-scale paranormal and cryptid investigation. This interview is your chance to relive this family's experience. 

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After several UFO sightings and other odd activity, a huge ferret-like humanoid appears in the El Duque barrio of Naguabo, Puerto Rico. This is not the first time a similar creature has been seen. Was it an alien being or an interdimensional traveler?





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