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Friday, August 12, 2022

'White Dogman' Encounter Reported in Montcalm County, Michigan

A Fenwick, Michigan woman describes an encounter with a 'white dog monster' that her daughters had at their home. She also recalls a previous encounter that she had with a similar creature.

I recently received the following account:

"I would like to tell you of my daughter's sighting of what I believe could have been a Dogman. It was the fall of 2014. I had recently started a new job at the Veterans Administration in Saginaw, Michigan, 1 hour 45 minutes away from my home. I left for work by 0615 to get to work by 0800. My daughters were 14 and 10 at that time. We live in the country, in Fenwick, Michigan (Montcalm County). Our driveway is about 100 yards long.

At about 0700 I received a FRANTIC call from my daughters. They were yelling about a white dog monster that chased them back up our driveway and caused them to miss the bus. I did not believe them. I thought they made up this story so that I didn’t get too mad at them for missing the bus, because I had just started the new job and couldn’t turn around and take them to school. It is important to note that both of my daughters are straight 'A' students, extremely athletic, and well-respected children, and still are, and have never before or after this incident ever missed the bus.

After this incident, both of them were terrified to go out at night anymore. Occasionally I would make them go out and get their chores done if they forgot to do it during the day (like take the trash out to the road), and they would make me so mad, saying that they were too scared and would I please just sit out on the porch and watch them, which I always wound up doing, or else the chore was just not going to get done.

Well, fast forward to about a year ago. The girls and I were just sitting around, watching a tv show about sightings of unconfirmed creatures, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, etc.  At some point during the broadcast, a segment on the Beast of Bray Rd came on, and immediately the girls both shouted out that that was the thing they saw back in 2014, and they were filled with anxiety and fear. It was very evident to me, after seeing their reaction, and watching the segment on this creature, that they had indeed seen this beast. I felt terrible about not believing them, or even really ever listening to their story.

After the show ended, my oldest searched online for information on how to report this sighting and left a message at one of the sites on the internet about what they had seen. The next morning we also called and reported it to the Michigan DNR and the local police department, but I don’t believe that they took any of it seriously. A little later that day, we did receive a call from a person that got our message on the internet about their sighting. My daughter informed them of what happened and what they saw and they took the report. During the months that followed, I occasionally would search for information on the internet about the Dogman. And, as crazy as this sounds, I believe I saw one a good 25 years ago.

I was with a boyfriend and we were cruising the backroads, and drinking a few beers. We were about a mile south of the Carson City, Michigan prison on Blackmer Rd. I had turned my head to say something to him, and when I looked back at the road, I saw a white creature that I thought was like, crawling, towards the ditch on the right side of the road. This creature was on the edge of the right side of the road. I only saw it for a split second and I only saw the right side of its body. A second after I saw it, the right front side of my truck grazed it, you could hear the thud, and feel it. My friend and I were both shocked and didn’t know what the heck the thing was. I had thought that it was like, crawling, or dragging its back legs because the back side of it was definitely much lower than the front legs, and bent looking-broken or deformed-like its legs or hips were injured, hit by a car or something, and trying to get across the road.

I backed the truck up and was very upset and nervous because I wasn’t sure what the thing was, and it even crossed my mind that maybe it was a naked person that I had hit. We shined the area and did not see any blood, hair, or body. I went back the next morning and looked again and found nothing. I even listened to the news for the next several nights to see if there was any report of a hit and run or anything unusual like that, and thank God, there was no report of anyone being hit.

I described it to my family as looking like a sheep that had just been sheared, like it was white skin, like a naked body, with no or not much hair. But it was bigger than a sheep. They all teased me and insinuated that I was drunk. It didn’t take long before I stopped talking about it to them, and in the back of my mind began to doubt myself and what I saw.

Over the years, I never forgot about it, but I just never really thought about it anymore. After seeing the segment on the Beast of Bray Rd, and realizing that my daughters were not making up a story, I have been researching this creature on the internet.  For some reason, I didn’t correlate the creature that my daughters saw to the thing I saw-that is until I began seeing pictures/drawings of the creature on the internet. I realized after seeing some profile views of the beast, that the thing I saw was probably not injured, but instead in the squatting position. I realized that its back legs weren’t injured, broken, or deformed, it was just sitting on its haunches. This also explains why, if it was already injured, and then hit/grazed by my truck, we did not find it anywhere, because the angle of its body when I saw it looked like the position of an animal unable to move its back legs, and then to add the collision, the animal would not have made it far from the spot my vehicle struck the creature. However, if the creature was in fact not injured, but just squatting, as seen from a profile view, it would be reasonable to assume that the creature wasn’t injured much from the collision and simply ran away.

If you would like to get the entire story from my daughters and their description of their sighting, you can email me back and I would love for you to hear their information. Also, before the last month, I have never said a word to my daughters about the creature I had hit with my truck, so there was nothing planted in their minds about this creature.

The reason I am writing this at this time is that recently I have talked to a few other people that have seen the same type of creature. Also, the girls made me a drawing of the creature they had seen and I posted the drawing on our community group on Facebook, simply asking if anybody has ever seen a creature like this. I received a few responses that gave me goosebumps. If you would like to hear about their encounters too, I could refer them to you." CK

NOTE: I will attempt to follow up this report with the witness' daughters sighting report. I will reference this post with it. Lon

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