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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Personal UFO / UAP / Black Helicopter Sightings & Encounters Received From Readers

I've posted several personal UAP / UFO / black helicopter accounts that we have recently received. It's interesting how people respond to and describe their experiences.

I have recently received the following accounts:

"Some people are just simply not paying attention. I saw a weird thing in the sky in the middle of the day about a month ago, right in a suburban neighborhood (This happened in Cape Cod, Massachusetts). I ran to my front door because it sounded and FELT like a helicopter was landing right on top of the house. I ran to the door just in time to see a small beige push lawnmower-sized object swoop and bank sideways between the trees around my driveway and fly away without hitting my house. No wings, no propellers, no markings, nor exhaust openings on it. Just solid and hefty looking. Then I ran outside to see if anyone else had seen it, and there was a lady walking by yakking into her phone and I desperately tried to make eye contact, but she seemed to even not see me standing in the yard with my jaw on the ground. 

Some people are really really not paying attention, or aren’t curious at all. Had I not run to the door when my entire house shook and even woke the dog, I would not have seen it. Turns out upon Googling it, there was a similar report from 2014 of an object like what I saw in the same area. At least I know someone else has seen something like it!" EA


"I want to find out what is going on! There was a UFO in front of my apartment building. I was 7 floors up. It hovered awhile, then made a left turn and then straight up while it was hovering. It almost looked like it was morphing.

Then the next day, I see very quiet black helicopters. I hardly heard that helicopter. It was eye-level while I was looking at this thing. CRAZY! This happened in Lockport, NY on January 3, 2022" TC


"I saw an unknown flying object in Lawton, OK in 1976. 12:30 AM, size of football field, approximately 200 feet to 800 feet altitude, totally quiet, maybe 100mph-300mph, very slow. Watched for about five minutes. It finally disappeared. Almost like it "cloaked." My Dad, Brother, Sister, and I all witnessed it. I was sixteen at the time, definitely a paradigm shift. It's been difficult to deal with. It was also dark black, no lights.

My Dad was in the US Air Force at the time. When I showed him the object he really didn't act like he was surprised. I mean, he definitely seemed interested, but not surprised. He never would say what he thought it was. He was an officer in the US Air Force Reserves. We did not report it. He was also an attorney, so he probably did not want that kind of public attention. He did not seem concerned about what we all saw.

The only thing different about this sighting was that there were absolutely no lights of any kind. I never admitted this story to anyone until recently. Maybe others have seen something similar." DR


"Around 1995, there was a light that appeared over Cheyenne Mountain Military installation in Colorado Springs. I saw it on my way to work. Very bright light that lit up the whole city of Colorado Springs and just stayed motionless over the Cheyenne Mountain site, that tracks all the worldwide air traffic and watches for missile launches. I tried to take pictures of it but none were ever developed. It was there from before dawn. It started around 5 am and stayed until around 10 or 11 am. A few days later the military put out a statement that it was a test of a communications device. I have my doubts about the communications device story." RG


"In August 2021, my mother encountered a UFO. Unexplained. It was around 3 AM in the morning when my mom was woken up by what sounded like someone had pulled into our driveway. She said, at first, she just thought it was someone in their car with their music up loud. But when she stepped outside, she said that hovering up in the sky, was a craft the size of at least three pickup trucks. She said that the craft's engine was a loud pulse, and that she could feel the ground vibrating underneath her. She said that she cannot remember the exact specifics, except that it was octagon-like in shape, had red, blue, and white lights emitting all around, and had what looked like landing legs coming out at the bottom, along with thrusters. On the front of the craft were glass windows. She could not make out any silhouettes looking through them.

Another interesting thing she mentioned is that the craft was able to hover in the air completely still, no movement whatsoever. She said that it sat hovering in front of the house for about three minutes before revving up and flying away. She said that the revving sounding like a helicopter taking off. As it headed off, it looked as it was heading for the mountains. We live in a very rural part Oregon right on the border of California and a lot of crazy thing happen out here. But this is definitely the strangest thing that I think has happened.

Though my mom is an alien believer, she does not think that this was alien craft. I haven't been sure what to make of this whole story, so I finally decided send it. I am completely baffled. My Mom has offered to do a sketch of the thing later, so if she does forward it. Her theory is that the craft is military related. There is a huge mining operation happening here and she thinks the operation itself is a military one. Whoever is running it uses huge dump trucks as we've seen them travelling, and interestingly enough they only do their mining at night, never in the daytime. My mom is convinced that this and the UFO incident are connected." RR

NOTE: If you enjoy these, LMK. I do received a lot of short accounts that I can post together in the future. Lon

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