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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Personal Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters Received From Readers

I've posted several personal Bigfoot accounts that we have recently received. It's interesting to see how people respond to their own sighting, and how they describe the experience.

I have recently received the following accounts:

"Having spotted a Sasquatch like cryptid myself, it's refreshing to have these experts suggest that such creatures can actually exist. The central area of my state (Arizona) is divided by the Mogollon Rim; basically a long cliff that runs along the edge of the Kaibab Plateau. The forests surrounding the Rim are said to be the home of the Mogollon Monster; a giant human shaped beast covered in black fur.

One day while I was at Camp Geronimo (a summer camp ran by the Boys Scouts of America near Payson, AZ), I was looking across the ridge over the camp and noticed a massive dark shape walking quickly across the tree line. It was about half the height of the Ponderosa Pine trees, which I estimated were thirty feet tall. After a few seconds, it darted into the tree line. This was back in the summer of 1989, way before camera phones were invented. The only cellular phones that existed were six pound monstrosities that had to be carried with a shoulder strap. I had a small camera with me but had left it in my backpack at the time." DN


"I live in Southern California and had a sighting one night when I was about 24. We were driving home around midnight and approaching Ave K and 150th Street East in Lancaster, California. As we approached the intersection I saw something move in the dark, then it turned its head and looked at us. I know this because of the eyeshine and it was well above a sign it walked out from behind. It stared the entire time it crossed the road. I made my turn on Ave K and sped off.

When I got home, I called the sheriff to see if there was a report of a disturbance as whatever it was came out of the yard of a ranch and we heard dogs barking all night. The sheriff asked what kind and I said animal. He asked what kind and I got a bit evasive. He ran down a list of critters we have in the area, even rare critters like bear. I said no to everything and he got annoyed and asked what exactly was I asking. So I described in detail what I saw. He says without missing a beat, ”Well, you know, it could’ve been Bigfoot.” I told him not to patronize me, he says, ”No, Bigfoot has been reported in our area and with the drought, everything is coming down out of the mountains. We pulled a 400-pound black bear off the 14 freeway this morning.” I thanked him and we hung up. That’s my story." B


"A few years back we were hunting around the Mt. Gleason area of the San Gabriel Mountains, CA when we saw what appeared to be a human with very long kind of reddish/brownish hair take off running across a grassy ridge into a tree covered canyon where it disappeared.  We were pulled over on a dirt road and we were all out of the trucks when we spotted it running. We think it was in some rocks watching us and when it noticed we had spotted it that's when he took off running.  It covered a good amount of terrain in just a few seconds and was gone." RC


"I was hunting last January (2022) at Ricetown, KY, on private land, deep in the woods. Me and my cousin had to get in the tree really early 3 am. My cousin was about half-mile from me. I saw something, really weird. That thing was walking like a primate. Wasn't a bear for sure. I freaked out, I didn't move. It was cold, like 23 degrees F. My phone...in my pocket. I couldn't grab it to take any photo." AW


"My dad told me a story his father (my grandfather) had told him. Back in 1955 there was a well in village in Mexico and sightings of a black monkey man were reported multiple times. Once my grandfather went out there with a rifle to hunt it. He had told my father that the monkey would beckon at the people gathered to come closer; hand motions, and my grandfather would fire at the monkey beast thing. But the bullets would miss and the monkey would just move out of the way and eventually climb down the well and disappear. Sometimes I wonder if they're physical demons and beasts of old.

Why would my grandfather make up stuff. Just to scare kids? Seems kind of pointless. He was a very serious and direct man, not one to make up stories for fun." FT

NOTE: If you enjoy these, LMK. I do received a lot of short accounts that I can post together in the future. Lon

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