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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pale Crawler Humanoid Encounter in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains Still Affects Experiencer

A northeast Pennsylvania man recalls his encounter with a pale crawler humanoid in the Pocono Mountains. The experience has deeply affected him, rendering him unable to continue outdoor activities.

I recently received the following account:

"You cannot deny that people around the world are seeing and having legitimate experiences with this crawler humanoid creature or rather one that resembles the being in the stories, myself included. I've grown up with a relatively open mind in regards to strange phenomena and things that aren't generally accepted by mainstream science or society but always approach things with appropriate skepticism. I have spent the majority of my life in the woods hunting, fishing, and mountain climbing, miles deep in the backcountry and so within all of that time I've observed many different animals, plants, and sometimes things I just simply cannot explain. I've gone camping and trekking solo many times in my life. It was liberating to just pack whatever you needed to survive and go miles deep into the backcountry where animals aren't even afraid of you simply because they aren't familiar with humans. It felt so special to be the only one immersed in that environment. But not anymore.

Now, hidden behind all of the natural beauty is underlying anxiety, fear, and legitimate danger. An environment that once felt so comforting and therapeutic turned into one that drove me absolutely mad with questions and uncertainty and is now one I will not enter alone for I know what is possible and what is TRULY roaming around the forests of North America.

It was in 2016 in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, near Dingman's Ferry, that I saw a creature that FOREVER changed my life and the way I perceive the world we live in. The first time I had ever heard of the creature was during a conversation with a friend who had lived in the area for years and had encountered this creature on multiple occasions in very close proximity to his house. I remember him asking me if I had ever seen anything strange in the large plot of woods across the street from his house, which at the time I had not, however. Long before it was brought up I always had a DEEP feeling in my chest about this plot of woods. I didn't know what it was. I just knew that it carried a very heavy, dark energy that was strong enough to encourage you to stay out.

My friend took out their phone and showed me the picture of the crawler humanoid that comes up with any Google search, a very generic picture. I laughed it off as he warned me about the creature because I genuinely thought he was just growing marijuana or something in the woods and didn't want me to find it. I couldn't have been any more wrong. Months had passed with little more than strange noises at night and the sound of some cats being carried off into the dark until the day that changed my life happened.

It was midnight, and a rain storm had just dumped a bunch of rain. I and a co-worker at the time had just clocked out and were heading to the friend's house who had warned me originally about the creature. His house is on a long straight road with a dead end, with very few houses on one side, and woods on the other. As we are heading down the road with high beams on my co-worker slams on the brakes and starts freaking out saying that he had just seen the creature kneeling down on the shoulder of the road. Instantly, without thought, I jumped out of the car and Immediately heard running and crashing through the woods in a parallel line to the road. Thankfully, due to the hard braking, the car shifted slightly so that the high beams were pointed into the woods and that's when I saw it. That's when my life changed, my beliefs shattered and my reality turned upside down.

A 6-foot-tall naked creature with greyish white skin and long arms ran through the section of the woods fully illuminated by the headlights. This gave me at least 15 seconds of uninterrupted visual contact with the creature firmly Imprinting it into my head. It ran just like a human being, however, was Incredibly fast and jumped over any obstacle in the way until it reached the point where the headlights no longer illuminated the woods. It then pretended to jump and run deeper into the woods, however, it actually turned and headed back to the road where I lost sight of it in the dark part of the woods for about 30 seconds. As I was standing in the middle of the road, absolutely dumb-founded with my jaw to the ground trying to comprehend the severity of the situation, it then crawled out from the woods and crossed the road on all fours about 60 yards away from me and disappeared into the woods on the other side.

I've been tormented by the creature since. It makes me confused, sad, and curious. I can't get the image out of my head. I can't forget the feelings this creature gave me while I lived there, playing and toying with my head in waking life and in my dreams. I won't go into the backcountry alone anymore. I can't enjoy the solitude without anxiety ruining it. I can't be free. This creature exists and so do others that we just can't understand and people must realize this so they can enjoy nature while also being safe. I'm not sure how this account will be taken and I'm not really sure why I felt like now was the time to come out about my story, but it's eating me alive. It's given me crippling anxiety and I have to do something to try to get this off my chest. Believe me or don't, that doesn't matter to me. I just want people to be safe and I want my freedom back and if coming out about this will help then I'll do anything. The world truly isn't all that it seems." RS

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