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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Pale Crawler Humanoid Chases Rural Arkansas Driver!

A young Arkansas woman notices an unknown being while driving out of her family property. Not long later, she is shocked to see that a pale crawler humanoid is chasing her down the road.

I recently came across the following account:

"I want to preface this by saying that my grandparent's land is 75 acres of horror in southeastern Arkansas. I grew up, so all the craziness didn't really affect me. So if my reactions are odd, it's because this is my life and I'm kind of desensitized. No, this is not the only thing to chase after me in my car, but this one was different.

Anyway, I was 17 years old, driving from my dad's house on the before-mentioned land. Pretty late, I think it was around 11 PM or so. I had dropped someone off at my dad's house and was driving back into town to get back to my mom's place.

As I was driving down our long driveway, I kept seeing things move in the field. I didn't pay any attention, probably a rabbit or something. Things moving in the grass is normal.

I get out to the road, and I see something/someone in the ditch, just laying there. Me, being a girl in a raggedy old car, at a place with poor cell signal, in the middle of the night with no weapon on me, I floor it. I don't care, I figured I could call my dad later to take care of the possible drunk in the ditch.

I'm driving down the road, the memory of the ditch person creeping me out, I get this awful feeling of being watched. I'm traveling down this road at nearly 60 mph, with no signal whatsoever. Okay, maybe I'm just overreacting, whatever, I still speed up because I want to get a cell signal to call my boyfriend because it would make me feel safer.

Then I see... something. Running alongside my car. Well, I say running. It was more... skittering. Lanky limbs, on all fours running and keeping up with me going 60+ down a country logging highway.

I think my brain kind of had an aneurism at this point because I'm just repeating to myself "what the f*ck!" I'm getting closer to civilization though, so I floor it, getting up to 80 and leaving it behind. I call my boyfriend, freaking out about what I saw. I pulled over at a little church with a light out front, trying to logic it out, when I see the thing again. It's on the road, skittering towards my parked car. Before I have time to pull out of the lot, it's on me, hitting my car hard enough to dent the rear bumper. I scream, squealing out of the lot and driving like a maniac towards town. I get into town and circle around the main areas a few times, calming down before I go to moms.

Further description of the thing: it was weirdly flat, like someone trying to do a backbend but... not bending. Its limbs were long and spindly, with pale skin stretched too tight across its bones." K

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