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Monday, August 29, 2022

Huge 'Cryptid Bird' Observed in Northern India Garden

An East Indian woman recalls her sighting of a massive cryptid bird that was standing in her family garden that covered 40% of the space. She is still amazed at what she observed.

I recently received the following account:

"This is a story that I'm not sure even I believe in anymore, but at the time I will swear to god I felt it was 100% real. It was back when I was a teenager and my house in northern India had a medium-sized garden adjoining the front of the house. I and my friend always loved to look at the sky for eagles because at the time we felt that they were pretty big and mysterious.

This one time I came out of my house to go to my friend's house next door but decided to stand in front of the garden to look for eagles in the sky. I was looking up for about a minute or so when I looked down and saw what I believe to be the biggest eagle there ever could be standing in the corner of the garden covering 40% of it! It was black with a brown and golden neck and I'm not sure how to scale it because I was fairly far from the garden, but it was about 5-6 meters wide. I'm not sure because it's been a while & I've never really shared this story before. So I was extremely shocked to see a bird so huge.

I quickly ran into my home screaming to call my older brother to see the bird and he caught me running and asked why II was screaming. i told him to quickly come out and see a huge eagle and when we both walked through the front door the bird was gone. I looked at the sky for a good minute but didn't see it fly anywhere. Nor did I see its wingspan but it definitely looked like an eagle bigger than a fully grown peacock.

I know this sounds really unbelievable and this is the reason why I'm not sure myself if what I saw was real or not but at the time I'm fully sure that it was real. I definitely wasn't dreaming. I will swear to anything I'm not making this up and that this actually happened. Still, I find it amazing that something like that actually happened with me and I thought it was worth sharing." SV

NOTE: I researched a possible natural explanation, but I wasn't able to find a known Southern Asian avian that could reach this size. The Garuda is a semi-god in Hindi culture. Several cryptid birds seen in India have been said to be manifestations of the Garuda. Lon

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As a lover of local history and folklore, wanderer of forgotten places, and life-long experiencer of the strange. Chad also contributes to and works with Timothy Renner of Strange Familiars Podcast.

Chad has also given back to the community, woodsman or otherwise. For as a traditionalist, he believes that knowledge should be passed on. From demos at various festivals, his foraging walks he gives regularly, on the various charity campouts he has organized. He has sought to help others and educate them.

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