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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Giant Black, Hyena-Shaped Mass, Encountered by Romanian Soldier

A Romanian soldier, on guard duty, hears the guard dogs growling. He then observes a huge black mass, shaped like a giant hyena, leap into the bushes. He has a later encounter as well.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"I am from Romania, and I don't know if you will read my post. My English is not that good, but I hope someone will read what has happen to me many years ago. This is my story. I was in the army. The year was 2003, at the end of September.

Me, and another soldier, were guarding a big deserted hangar. We were supposed to make 4 hours each, guarding that is. When one of us was guarding 4 hours, the other was sleeping. My colleague was on duty, and I was asleep. Suddenly I wake up, like I had a bad dream. I was sweating. When I looked at my colleague, he was fast asleep. Snoring. The time was around 2 AM in the morning. At 4 AM, I was supposed to start my shift. Anyway, I started to try to remember what I was dreaming, why did I wake up so confused and sweating. Then I heard a noise outside.

I rushed to see what was happening, without thinking to wake up the other soldier. I looked around, and at a distance of 30 meters there was this pack of dogs (which they were from our company) who were barking at something behind a small hill. So I rushed in that direction to see what was happening, but when I get close I heard a growl and all the dogs (7 in total) freak out and run away. I stopped walking towards them, and wondering about what could that have been. At one moment I was thinking that I was still dreaming, when 2 of the dogs come near me. It was what can be called the "alpha" of male and female dogs of the pack. Their look was like they were in need of help. Honestly, I was thinking of going back to the other soldier, and tell him what happened, but my instinct told me that I needed to find out what that thing was.

So, I started walking with these 2 dogs, when suddenly I saw it. At about 10 meters in front of me, there was a black mass, like a semicircle, 2 meters long and 1 meter high. I stood there, baffled for a few seconds. Then I talked (my mind was crazy at that point) with with my dogs, and said "Go! Let's see what's over there!" and she ('Girly'), like it had understand what I was saying, went to that shadow, and start barking at it, real close. After a few seconds, that mass rose up, and Girly run away as fast as she could, although it hasn't touched her. Now, this shadow was standing in four feet, like a dog and not a human. It turned around, and hopped over a bush, in 2 seconds. It was massive. It looked like a giant hyena. Long front legs, and short behind legs, with a small tail at the end. The head was also that of a hyena. All of it was black.

After some time, when I just stood there wondering what I just saw, I come to my senses and came back to the other soldier. I told him what I saw. He didn't believed me, but he agreed to come with me in search of that thing. We searched it together, this time with all the dogs present, but didn't find anything. Before we go, we called the HQ to inform of what was happening, of what I saw. The response was that I just saw a boar, and I need to leave it be. After that, me and the other soldier went back to our post. He went back to sleep, but I could not forget that figure.

So, I went again outside, although all my instincts said not to do this. Again, all the dogs were nowhere to be found. Just the alpha dog, the male. 'Spike.' He was worried. But he had confidence in me, so he tagged along. We walked about 100 meters away from the post, playing with rocks. I threw them, and he would bring them back. Everything was normal. That black mass was nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was just my imagination, I start thinking.

At one point, I threw a rock as far as I could, so that Spike would go in search of it, and I wanted to go back to my post. But, then it happened. When I turned back, that thing was there, behind me. Less then 5 meters away. Now, I could see it more clearly, although it was still a black mass. It was about my height, 1.70 meters, with long ears, like a donkey. That was the first thing that I noticed. More massive than a dog, or a boar. That's for sure. The body, as seen in the dark, from the front look like that of a horse. Other than that, I could not see any characteristics. No teeth, and no eyes. I was like in a trance, trying to communicate with that thing. It was unreal what was happening, and I still said to myself that it was my imagination. Then Spike came along. He just stood there beside me, looking at that thing. Like he didn't know what that was, or what he needed to do. Then, I don't know what came over me, but I shout as strong as I could. It simply vanished" OF

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