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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Bizarre Encounters: The Coconut Man, Shapeshifter Mimic, & A Philadelphia Monster

I've posted several bizarre encounter accounts from various sources. It's interesting how people respond to and describe their experiences. Do you have a story to tell?

I have recently received the following accounts:

Around 1980, in Elkhart, Indiana, a field was being dug up for a possible construction project involving a planned new subdivision. A bunch of local school children would often go back there to play and hike around.

One day, at around dusk, a girl was walking through the area when she came across a creature that terrified her. The skin of the creature was like that of a coconut and it was given the name 'The Coconut Man.' A friend and classmate of the primary witness (Amie, who was interviewed) described what the girl had witnessed:

“Supposedly his skin looked like the skin of a coconut. She was just walking back there along the trail probably going home so like duskish-time and there he was sitting on a mound that would have been there from the dug up dirt with just his legs extended and he was just looking at her. [The story] spread like wildfire. It was a small town, so we were all, of course, talking about that and she was so scared. She was so frightened that there became a point where she didn't even want to talk about it anymore.”

There were no more sightings of the supposed creature, even though people continued to discuss the matter months later. Another curious but interesting detail, around this time people in the area began seeing a black panther roaming around. It was never captured and eventually people stopped seeing it.

Transcribed source: Strange Familiars Podcast, “Episode 287: The Coconut Man and Other Stories” Uploaded 6 Jan 2022


“Back in 1986 in Prichard, Alabama, it was around exactly at midnight and after that experience I stopped going out at midnight for, like, years. I go out at  around 12 o'clock at midnight, I was going down Craft Highway in Alabama. I proceeding to drive, then heard something called my name, 'Rose,' and it looked just like my sister, you know, from the distance that I seen it at, and she had on a pink sundress. It was summertime. I wasn't drinking or anything because I don't drink.

I immediately hit the brakes. I thought, what is my sister doing out here this time of night? And so I stopped and I waited for her. And so as I was waiting in the car, as she/it started coming closer, it suddenly stopped it. I then started, stopped, it started, you know, walking slower and like hopping over, like walking, like, you know, like something was wrong with it. I was looking out of my rearview mirror as well as the mirror on the door and as it was getting closer, it started transforming. It no longer looked like my sister. It got shorter and it had grey hair, and something said, 'You best burn rubber and I hit the gas.'

My mother lived about two blocks from there and I didn't stop at her house. I kept on going until I got to my house which was about 25 minutes away. I actually seen that and it scared me very bad. I stopped going out at midnight for years.”

Transcribed source: Dark Waters / Chasing The Truth Podcast, “OPEN LINES with NINE callers tonight!” Uploaded on 12 Feb 2022


“I had encountered 'something' in northeast Philadelphia. Hear me out. One night about 8-9 years ago, around 2010, I was like 20ish years old. My then-boyfriend and I were out in this field that was surrounded by woods. We spread out some comforters and we just hanging out, and at one point we decided to smoke a joint under a big blanket. We tucked the blanket in around us so we could bake it out. 

We are under this blanket with flashlights, laughing like idiots, and all of a sudden I could hear a weird noise beyond our laughter, so I quickly say "shhh!!!" And we both go silent only to hear this rough, loud, scary breathing like "heh, heh, heh" almost grunting, just aggressive breathing so we turn off the flashlights and just sit there. The things breaths like that for about 20 minutes and then it starts to sound like it's getting closer. This things starts circling around us breathing loudly, and eventually it starts pressing into the blanket, at one point it was leaning on my back and it literally felt HUGE, like in size and in weight.

This went on for almost 2 HOURS. The entire time this was happening I was literally petrified, I physically could not move, which I just chalked up to me being scared, but I honestly have never felt this amount of terror. I mean it's just an animal right?

Well finally it backed off and we couldn't hear it anymore. My then-boyfriend kept wanting to go out of the blanket and check, but literally every molecule in my body told me that if he opened the blanket, it was all over.

We waited for hours until the sun finally came up around 7 am and finally I felt like it was okay to leave. There were no animal tracks anywhere, and we searched pretty good. I think about this experience quite often.

For years I just thought it was some kind of animal that was acting strange, maybe something weird with the pheromones around? Maybe it got contact high? Then I saw a video by Antphrodite (he's a psychic on Twitch and YouTube who mostly does tarot readings) where he talked about how his cousin had this crazy experience while camping, he got her on the phone and she told nearly an IDENTICAL story. They seemed to be thinking Jersey Devil, so now I always wonder.

Side note: This happened right outside of northeast Philadelphia, like I could be in Jersey in like 30 minutes or less, it's not far. Also, I had heard of the Jersey Devil, but I never actually heard any of the stories..” RM

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