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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Bigfoot Continuously Watched South Georgia Family Residence

A man recalls his experiences with Bigfoot while living in south Georgia. According to the witness, the creature would watch him and his sister in their backyard and on other occasions.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"At the time, I didn't really know what was going on, I just had the impression that the woods outside of my house were very creepy. I only recently decided that I think it was a Bigfoot, after doing a lot of research and seeing a lot of similarities between my own story and other people who have had encounters.

My family started building a house in rural south Georgia when I was 12, and we moved in once it was finished a few months after I turned 13. It was a few miles outside of the town we lived in, a plantation town on the Florida-Georgia border. We lived there until I graduated from high school in 2013.

This first thing I don't actually remember happening, but my dad told me about it a few months ago. Apparently the first night my family slept in the new house (none of the windows had curtains or blinds yet) I came into my parents' bedroom and asked to sleep with them. I did this a lot as a little kid, but it was pretty unusual by the time I was 13. My dad said that I told him I saw a face looking into my window and that it scared me.

The rest of all this I remember pretty clearly. One time, my sister and I were jumping on a trampoline in our backyard and all of a sudden we heard something whistle at us. It came from the side of the house, near our garage. I can't explain exactly why it was so terrifying, but it scare the crap out of us. We jumped off the trampoline and sprinted inside and slammed the door behind us. It was just so weird because we had already met the neighbors at that point (we didn't have many), and it didn't make sense that they would hide from us and whistle. They would have just walked up to us. Plus, we hadn't seen any people approaching.

My sister later told me that she saw "something" hiding behind the trashcan next to the house, but I didn't see that. She doesn't remember the whistling part, but I swear I'll never forget it, it was just so bizarre. I think that she might have seen something and remembered that, while I only remember what I heard. Sometimes, I think that I remember seeing a dog or something run to the side of the house from the woods SUPER FAST, like unbelievably fast, but I don't know for sure if it actually happened. Anyway, that was one of the single most freaky things that have ever happened to me. I know it sounds mundane, but I still get chills thinking about it.

Anyway, after that, my dad decided to build a privacy fence around our backyard, and we got two dogs a little bit after that. The yard was pretty big, and my sister and I were both athletic. We would both put headphones on and play in the yard while we listened to music; kick a soccer ball, run laps around the yard, and play fetch with our dogs. Sometimes with each other, and sometimes by ourselves.

At night, I always thought I'd see some sort of cone-shaped head looking at me over the fence, but if I did a double take to make sure I wasn't seeing things, the head would be gone. Other times, I'd be out in the yard by myself, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, I would feel like I was being watched. This was always scarier to me than when I thought I saw things. I swear it was like I KNEW something was watching me, and it was overwhelming. I would stop what I was doing immediately and go inside. This happened all the time. Other times, I'd be shooting basketball in our driveway, or going for a jog through the neighborhood (it was a developing subdivision, not a house out in the woods by itself) and get the same freaky feeling.

After we got our licenses, I think I actually saw one while I was driving. We were with another friend who also lived outside the city limits, on the way to her house. Our friend was in the front seat, and my sister was in the back seat. We were coming around this bend not too far away from our neighborhood, and all of a sudden my friend and I saw this super tall, brown thing on the side of the road. It was really tall, and the word I've always used to describe it is ancient. It looked like a really old man with a long beard, with a distorted face. It was slender, too, not bulky. My friend and I saw it at the same time, and both said "What was that?" I guess my sister was on her phone or something because I remember that she asked what we saw, but we had already passed it by the time she was looking out the window. My friend and I both agreed that it was a man in a mask trying to scare people, but I don't think I really believed it. From then out, every time I drove past that spot, I'd try to see if there were any weird trees or something that maybe we could have thought was someone in the mask, but it just looked like a regular patch of woods

Another time, a different friend was playing with us outside as the sun was setting, and we were walking down this empty road that no houses had been built on yet, and to our left was some woods with miles and miles of ATV trails, and all of a sudden he just goes, "run," and we all sprinted back to the house. When we got back he said he'd seen something, but he never told us what he saw.

My sister and I are both grown now, and our parents sold the house and moved out of state when we were in college, so we haven't been back for years. But after I did some research and started putting some pieces together, I asked my sister if she thought the house we grew up in was creepy and she said it absolutely was. She would feel like she was being watched in the yard too, and remembers seeing shadows moving in the woods and said she'll never forget seeing something hiding behind the trashcan that one time. She even Googled Bigfoot sightings in the town we grew up in and found an article about a rash of sightings that happened while we were in middle school.

So anyway we both believe that that's why we were so creeped out by the woods outside our house. There was probably a Bigfoot (maybe more than one) living out there. I never connected all of these weird things until I started listening to more Bigfoot podcasts and stuff." SS

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