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Friday, August 12, 2022

After Apparent Alien Encounter, Multiple Bizarre Experiences Commence

This experiencer's account is very bizarre and branches out to multiple incidents. Is this the result of alien abduction, or other intervention? Many interesting disclosures that may or may not be accurate.

The following account was referred to me:

"In 2008, I encountered two men who flashed me with a device where I was parked beside the Klamath River in California. They pulled up behind my Jeep and flashed out over the river, and then pulled up alongside my vehicle and flashed me.

I passed out. When I woke up, they were out on a bridge flashing out over the river again. I ended up driving over the bridge and back to Crescent City. I checked into a motel. My left eye was badly burned. My face was burned. I couldn't swallow water or eat food for 24 hours. I couldn't sleep. I drove back to Portland, Oregon the next day. I didn't tell very many people about the event. I had been working on a novel that I couldn't finish. The novel was about a similar paranormal topic. I went back in 2018 and tried to find the bridge.

There was no bridge in the area. Eventually, my girlfriend found out there had been a bridge there. It washed out in 1964. When I saw pictures of the bridge, I collapsed on the ground. My face and the back of my head started to tingle. The left side of my face went numb. This lasted for a few minutes.

We went back to our motel. We drove back a little while later. A man similar to the two men who flashed me was parked in front of the bridge memorial. I kept driving and didn't stop. He followed us in his white van for about two miles and then wasn't there any more. He must have turned around. The road wound through a curvy forest, and so that wouldn't have been hard to do. The man's van disappeared right where a graveyard is located.

According to witnesses, some of them famous, giant things have been seen walking the river in this area. I never saw any giant things, however, when I was there either time. I did talk to several people who saw a giant "cowboy" walking around in that area at dusk. A local Indian who camps on his land nearby saw a giant bigfoot walk by in the river there.

In 2014, I went through hypnosis to remember the events in better detail. The man who hypnotized me was licensed for ultra depth hypnosis professionally. In the hypnosis, the event was just a standard alien abduction. The two men and their car wasn't in the hypnosis memories. The sessions were recorded.

I've shown friends the sessions. A few times, those friends almost died afterwards. The most dramatic case is my girlfriend who got into a near fatal car accident on the same night she watched the videos of my hypnosis sessions. It happened on her way home. The accident occurred next to a big electrical relay station dozens of miles from my house, across the border of a neighboring state. The car accident was at night.

I told the local Indians about my story in 2018. The wives of the tribal elders of a tribe very close to where the event happened wanted to take me out to lunch to hear more but I had to go. I had to get back to Portland for work. The wives of the elders did not take my story lightly. They became extremely interested. I wonder why?

After my mom died, my girlfriend found her diary. In the diary, my mom had written about going to a trail near to where the events happened to me. She wrote in the diary of strange sounds during their hike. For her to write that, there could have been more. She never exaggerated about that sort of thing.

I was shocked to read about how they went to the same area a few months after I had the experience in 2008. I told my dad about it and they made a special trip down there. Why, I wonder? I guess the area is pretty but still. I found that odd.

There is more to this story, but this is enough." PM

The witness also included the following:

"I'm not going to reveal the bridge. I still might write up the experiences into a book. I lived in Portland, OR then. The 2008 experience was in the redwoods. I would have written it up sooner into a book but I'm scared. Every time I start, my supernatural barometer goes up. I'm trying to stay "clean." I don't want to have any supernatural stuff in my life. I don't want any contact with spirits at all. Moving out of Portland helped. Plus after I put my house up for sale, I found out it had a fairly high amount of radon. So it's really good I moved. I think radon can up supernatural activity. Some people will maintain that it's hallucinations but I know it wasn't in my case. There were too many other witnesses. Many girlfriends over 13 years' time. Two of them lived with me. The second one who lived with me also ended up abusing me physically. I won't go into that. It's too painful.

I will say that AI on Match.com can possibly link people in ways that are not considered. Plus, there's the fact that I told her on the second date that I had been stove-gassed. That attracted her to me as a "mark." I'm not the self-pitying type. That's why I won't discuss the other girlfriend who lived in that house. She claimed to see ghosts in it. She wanted me to move. She was right about moving. But she was very dangerous. I found out she was collecting 1,000 dollars per month for mental disability from the state of Oregon. I never could find out if she had been committed, but I think she had. In her late 20's. Would I have met her if I hadn't done the hypnosis sessions? I really doubt I would have. My haunted house brought out the worst in the women who lived there.

I had a live-in roommate for a few years, as well. She was not physically abusive, but the longer she lived there the meaner she got. She got pretty mean by the end. Her carelessness ended up costing the life of my dog, but that was an accident. I asked her to please not take him to the dog park until he got his flu shots etc. She took him several times. He ended up dying from a dog flu. Like my other girlfriends, she dabbled in witchcraft. The first girlfriend started after moving in with me. The second girlfriend never admitted it, but I put some pieces together. I think she had dabbled a lot in her 20's. That's partly what made her crazy enough to be committed for two years to a mental hospital. Never mess with spirits. Ever.

Bigfoot are a type of spirit that can fully manifest physically. I will never go bigfooting again. None of my girlfriends were very into bigfooting. They were into other things. My roommate always had witchcraft books lying around. It really upset me because of my bad experiences with my first girlfriend who dabbled in witchcraft. She ended up with black mold growing inside her. I think it might have been from magical elixir type things she took. She said it was from work. I will never know how she got it. I never got it, though. I stayed clean of the black mold. Thank God.

My only bigfoot sighting was with a Native American who made it possible. He pointed out the bigfoot to me. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise, even though others behind us were vocalizing at the time. I grew up among Native Americans. They comforted me when I was down. They were good to me. In regard to the incident down in the redwoods, the tribe down there was also good to me. I'm told they are not usually so friendly to people as they were to me. They could see I was genuine and they believed me. They knew what I'd been through and they sympathized with me. That's more than my family or friends have ever done for me in regard to my suffering and hard experiences involving many aspects of the supernatural." PM

NOTE: I really don't know what to make of this person's experiences, though I find much of it intriguing. Is there mental illness involved? Possibly.  Let me know what you think. Lon

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