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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Werewolves, Portals, Crawlers, and Shadow Beings Near Land Between the Lakes - PART 2

A Tennessee family is experiencing a variety of unsettling unexplained phenomena. As time goes on, the husband gives a detailed account of the activity, along with updates. This is a 2-part account.

The following account, w/ updates, was recently brought to my attention:

Werewolves, Portals, Crawler, and Shadow Beings Near Land Between the Lakes - PART 1


"As I was sitting there that night, I did catch some strange sounds on camera, as well when I passed an area with my flashlight there appeared to be something, but when I came back to it there was nothing. Again, due to the lighting, it is very hard to make out. I haven't felt comfortable going out since. My niece just came back from a weeks' vacation in Florida, so we plan to sit out there a couple of nights to try and see if we can get anything. This stuff has been happening for a while now, but it was random and far apart. Ever since this last incident I have seen things that I can't explain, but they seem to be happening almost on a daily basis now.

Last night, when my niece arrived, we went out on the front porch to welcome her. I did notice something that looked like a face staring at me. But what was weird was that as I was staring at it, it moved back into the shadow without moving if that makes any sense. We had an interview for a podcast, and plan to do a few more. There is a story of a man in Georgia who I believe saw the exact same thing I did that night.

The one thing that I would like to add in this update that I hadn't thought was connected happened about 2-3 weeks ago. My wife and I had been in an argument about something silly. She decided to walk back into our woods to clear her head. I was on the back patio when I noticed her walking down our shooting range. I asked her where she was going, and she said, "To cool off." Now, I know the chances of something happening to her was slim, but I found it odd that she would choose to go into the woods rather than simply walking down the road. I quickly got dressed and went down to try and bring her back. I went to the end of the range and called out her name. After a few minutes of calling out I heard nothing, not a peep or a twig or anything. Now the weird part is that it is impossible to move around these woods without making any sound, especially for her. I was worried that she was walking too far, but I had to get back into the house as our children were alone. It freaked me out because it was as if she had vanished. I went back in the house and debated calling someone, but figured I would give her a little more time. I went to the back patio and waited. After about an hour I started to get really worried. I called out her name again and decided that I would call if she hadn't returned at hour and a half mark.

After another twenty minutes went by, she came walking back out of the woods. Angry that she had worried me so much yet also relieved, I asked her what she was thinking. She said, "What?" She walked back up into the house. She came in and looked at me like I was crazy. I said did you not hear me calling out to you? She said she only heard me once and she replied. Now this is where it gets crazy. She said, "I have only been gone for 10-15 minutes, why are you freaking out?" When I told her that she had been gone for an hour and twenty minutes she didn't believe me. She also said that when she went down there, she didn't go very far. But when she turned around, she started walking and got worried that she was lost. She said she didn't recognize where she was, but something told her to keep walking. She said it felt strange and that the air felt different. When she came back out of the woods, she was relieved to see the house. Now the part that upsets me the most about this was that where she said she was, is impossible. I was literally standing 20-30 feet away from that spot. If she had been there not only, would I have seen her, but she could have talked to me in a normal voice. More concerning is that you can see the house from this spot and how she felt lost is mind boggling.

I don't know what this was. I thought that again she was just losing her mind. But I feel that what happened to her was real. I plan to go back to where she was with her to prove that you can see the house from there. But I want her to show me exactly where all she went, as well talk me through everything. I know some people have to be thinking that we are crazy, but I promise that I will do whatever it takes to get proof and keep you all updated as we figure this out. I know this is turning into a book to read, but I want to be detailed as possible.

UPDATE 2 - 6/24/22

Weird things keep happening. Today my 3-year-old son is playing on the back patio a few feet away from us and all of a sudden, the dogs inside jump and start barking. One of our dogs Duke that's on the patio with him comes bolting into the door. I jump up to see what's going on and my son is pointing at the tree line saying, "Werewolf daddy! Werewolf!" Now my son loves watching videos of werewolves for toddlers for some reason. I would normally put this off as nothing but if you saw the look in his face, you would know that he was serious. Plus, with the way my dogs reacted he had to have seen something. I pulled out my phone and began recording. He kept saying daddy look werewolf in the bushes. I tell him I can't see anything, but I can hear something really big in the leaves.

UPDATE 3 - 7/9/22

I have just have had a lot on my plate. My niece has quit. She said she can't handle all the stuff that has been happening to her. Everything was fine for a while. We kept indoors for the most part. We went out on the porch one night with a flashlight and camera hoping to catch something. We kept hearing things in the brush which could be anything. After a while of not seeing anything, we went back inside. I said my prayers then slept like a baby, my niece however did not. She woke up late the next day and seemed a bit jumpy. I asked her, "What's wrong?" She said that she didn't sleep well as something was outside her window. It took a bit of prodding to get her to talk about it. She said she could hear something big outside her window, but every time she looked, she couldn't see anything. She said she heard weird noises that she couldn't describe. She came out in the living room to see if I was still up, but I was fast asleep. She decided to go back to her room and go to sleep watching YouTube on her phone. She said she was almost asleep when she felt something standing right behind her. She turned around and there was nothing. She said she kept having the feeling but brushed it off as her imagination. That was until about 3am when she woke up.

She said she had her phone in the window sill playing a video. She had the same feeling as before, but this time it was very intense, like whatever it was it wanted to devour her. She turned around quickly and saw what looked like a shadow disappear into the wall in the blink of an eye. She told me this kept happening until she passed out late in the morning. I told her that was weird as we have never experienced anything like that in the house before. We have had weird things happen like things disappear for a while then reappear days or months later in the exact spot they last were. She said it felt like whatever this was it made her feel like it wanted to hurt her. I told her to keep me updated and let me know if anything else happens.

A few days later she asks if she can use the hot tub that's out back. I explain that it's off as we can't afford to heat it. When we get over to it, I open it to look inside. To my disbelief not only is it on but the water looks great minus a little cleanup that needed to be done. As I am walking around all of a sudden, I hear this really loud thump behind me. Like a log falling onto the ground or a really big boulder hitting the ground. Imagine an engine block falling 20 feet onto soft soil. It made me jump. I turned around but couldn't see anything as the brush was too thick. I keep helping her work on the spa, then she says she is going to go inside and get changed so she can get in. I look around and realize that it's getting dark outside, and I really don't want to be out here. I bend over to work on getting the filter cleaned out and I hear what sounds like something big snapping branches and charging at me. It made me jump then run to the back door. I turned around to see what it was and nothing. I walk back into the house and walk upstairs. I tell her I heard something out there, and she looked at me for a minute. Then said, "Well, I want to get in and relax." She asks if I can leave the back patio door open so if she needs me, she can call. But according to her she enjoyed the spa without incident.

Every day I notice her getting more anxious and less willing to talk about it. She says every night something new happens to her but when I ask her to elaborate, she refused. A few nights later I walk out on the porch and notice it's dead quiet again. I ask her to come out on the porch with me, but she says she is tired and wants to call her boyfriend and go to bed. My wife gets up early and takes care of the kids and it's my job to handle night shift, so she's in bed at this point. I decide that I don't have the guts to do this alone, so I put on a movie and relax in my recliner. I end up falling asleep then wake up at 3am to a noise coming from my niece's room. It sounds like a deep voice, and I knock on the door. I call out several times but get nothing in response. I figure it must be her video and decide to let it be. I head to bed and just as I start to pass out another loud bang happens. I wake up and hear what sounds like something skittering on wall outside of my bedroom. Understand that this is way up in the air and physically impossible. I look out the window but don't see anything. After going out and checking on this bang multiple times over the last year and seeing nothing I decide to forget it and go back to sleep.

The next day my niece comes out and tells me that she had the shadow thing happen again, except this time she left her light on. She said she woke up to getting that feeling again. She said that when she opened her eyes, she could see an extremely tall shadowy figure standing over the top of her. She said it was moving closer to her and just as she started to see the details of its face, she turned around in a panic, but nothing was there. She said the eyes haunted her but didn't want to elaborate any further. The next morning, for the first time ever, my niece is up bright and early. I notice she looked anxious as she told me that she is headed home for the Fourth of July weekend and will be back on Tuesday. I ask her if she is ok, and she says yes and quickly walks out the door. Later that day, I get a call from my sister telling me that she won't be coming back. I ask her if everything is all right and she says yes that she just wants to enjoy the rest of her summer. A little while later I get a call from my niece telling me that she doesn't want to work here anymore as she can't handle the anxiety from whatever is out there. She doesn't elaborate more than that, but whatever has been going on in her room has her petrified. I checked on her room and noticed that she has been sleeping with one of the windows wide open. This window is perfectly accessible from the outside. I don't know what's been going on to her but whatever it is it looks like it could have been coming in the room.

Fast forward to the Fourth of July. I do fireworks out front of our property by the road facing the woods. Due to what's been happening at night I decided to do them prior to it getting dark outside. We do our fireworks and just as it starts getting dark, I get everyone inside. After a couple of hours, I remember that my hose is still on the ground and laying out by the road. I head out to clean everything up and put the hose away. While I am doing this, I notice it's dead silent again minus the distant sound of fireworks in the distant. The hairs on the back of my neck go up and I get the feeling that I am being watched again. I hurry and coil the hose and ran back into the house. I swear I am starting to wonder if it's just my mind playing tricks on me at this point." AM

NOTE: If there are further updates, I'll post it here. I have personally contacted the witness and have offered any help that I or the team can provide. Lon

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