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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Weird Drumming Sound Lures Hikers Deep Into Unknown Wilderness

Two cousins were hiking in the mountain wilderness of Lassen County, California. They began to hear a dull drumming sound, that enticed them to continue on their hike. Very weird account.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“My cousin and I were in our early 20's when we met up for our family’s annual camping trip on a tiny, remote lake up in Lassen County, California. As usual, our families had the lake nearly to ourselves, as most people went to nearby large, popular Lake Almanor.

There are no cultivated hiking trails on this lake, so we decided to follow a creek that fed into the lake near our campsite, thinking we wouldn’t get lost that way. We first crossed a meadow, then began to follow the creek up the mountainside, which was densely forested with pine. A ways up, we soon came across the tangled, uprooted root system of a big fallen tree. It rested right on the creek side, and my cousin and I, both lovers of all things Brian Froud and Tolkien, remarked that it looked like the home of a forest gnome, maybe a guardian of the forest. Jokingly, we waved at it and said thanks to our imaginary gnome for letting us enter his forest.

A little ways farther, I realized I had been hearing a kind of rhythmic sound for a long time that seemed to come from far off in the forest. It was a slow, dull, steady beat, like someone hitting a drum. I asked my cousin, who lived in a small mountain town near Yosemite, what might be making a sound like that all the way out here. She thought for a while, then said she wasn’t sure. It didn’t sound like loggers, animals, hikers, or anything else she could think of. We shrugged it off and kept hiking up hill. We fell quiet then for a long time, just plodding along. 

The sound continued and seemed to slowly grow louder, or closer. I looked out into the forest on either side, but all I could see were trees in all directions. The sound made me uneasy, and a bit anxious to continue. I was also feeling a bit tired, but not in the normal way a hike wears you out. My thinking was kind of foggy and everything began to feel dreamlike. I looked over at my thinking was kind of foggy and everything began to feel dreamlike. I looked over at my cousin and she seemed kind of spaced out too. I asked her if we were at a high altitude and she said it wasn’t particularly high where we were, and we still hadn’t gone too far from the lake. I told her I felt kind of funny and she said she did too, but we just kept hiking.

The drumming became noticeably louder. It was coming from all around us in the same steady dull beat. It had a kind of droning quality, and soon I could begin to feel it vibrating in my ears, thudding alongside my heart inside my body. That was when things began to feel very weird. I no longer felt uneasy, but instead I felt this deep peace, like I was asleep and dreaming. I kept putting one foot in front of the other and climbing the mountain. But it was like I was in a trance, not making the decision to continue, but instead being drawn upwards. We kept walking in total silence for a long time, that sound pounding and getting louder.

We reached a place where a waterfall tumbled down from a rock ledge, maybe six feet over head. It was an easy walk up and around to get to the next tier of the creek but I stopped, and my cousin stopped near me. In a daze we looked at the beautiful pool at the foot of the falls. It was dripping with ferns and moss, and the bottom was formed by small, colorful stones. The beat was faster now, close and enveloping, but seeming to still come from nowhere. I looked at the falls and felt an intense longing to walk above them, to continue on forever up the mountain and see all the beauty beyond.

We were still for such a long time, until finally my cousin said, “I think if we keep going, we don’t ever get to come back.” When I looked at her I knew I felt the same thing, and I felt a splash of adrenaline. We turned and started back down the mountain. As we descended, the foggy feeling began to clear, the beat began to fade, and I felt more and more the urgent need to get away. Finally ‘awake,’ I was covered in goosebumps, and was leaping and tripping over things to go as fast as I could. We passed the big root system and both spontaneously said, “Thank you!” and started giggling nervously. As we finally hit the meadow we started to relax and I laughed and said something like, “Wow we really have big imaginations.”

Finally we crossed the meadow, and stopped to turn around and look back. Just then, a loud, sharp, unmistakable “YAWP!” echoed down the mountain, emanating from exactly where we’d been. Every hair on my body stood up, and I knew, I just KNEW, that If we hadn’t turned around at the waterfall, we would never have left that mountain again. We ran back to camp as fast as we could go.” AC

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