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Friday, July 22, 2022

The Space Force & UFOs

The Space Force and UFOs

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, Space Science Correspondent

Israeli space expert says existence of ETs real reason for Trump’s signing of National Defense Authorization Act that created United States Space Force.  Photo source:  https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/trump-ufo-moments.html.

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Creation of the Space Force

The United States Space Force (USSF) was established on 20 December 2019 when the National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law by President Donald J. Trump, thus creating the first new branch of the armed services in 73 years.  There was a bipartisan recognition that the continued domination of space was a national security imperative.  The emergence of other nations as space competitors underscored the need for a United States military service focused solely on pursuing superiority in the space domain.   Since the early 1960s, it has become apparent that the space capabilities of the United States have served to increase the effectiveness of operations in every other terrestrial domain- air, land or sea.  As a result, the United States military is not only faster in its deployments, but better connected, more informed, precise and lethal in all theatres of operation.

Ever increasingly the average American relies more on space capabilities to sustain our modern way of life.  Satellites serve to synchronize telephone networks that connect us to every corner of the globe, help us to monitor changing weather patterns, carry radio and television broadcasts, provide navigation through global positioning systems, power financial networks that enable international commerce and optimize critical infrastructure.   Therefore, access to and freedom to operate in space underpins our national security and continued economic prosperity.  The existence of the USSF will help to maintain the domain of space free from conflict.  While our adversaries have developed an array of threats, both on Earth and in orbit, that continue to grow in scope, scale and complexity, the Guardians of the USSF, as this branch’s members are known, will effectively counter and nullify these menacing systems.   The Guardians stand ever ready, “Always Above,” as their motto declares.

Approach to Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

The Pentagon, urged on by the Senate investigations into Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP), is finally taking the matter of UFOs seriously. Pentagon brass are now in the process of deciding where to house its UAP task force, currently led by the Navy.  The top candidate to take over this task force is the newly created United States Space Force.  This would be a natural transition, as the search for advanced alien technology would be definitely be of supreme importance to our national security, as well as the security of the planet.  After all, anything to do with space is a concern of the USSF.  Investigating UAP, formerly known as UFOs, would be consistent with the overall mission of the USSF.  The USSF, in conjunction with the revitalized United States Space Command, would be the logical home for the important mission of collecting and analyzing information on UAP.  The Pentagon, however, is also considering the secretive Space Security and Defense Program, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, for this mission insofar as all of these organizations focus on different areas of surveilling the skies for foreign threats.  

Startling Revelations from Israeli Space Authority

In an interview in early December 2020, Haim Eshed, the former head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Space Directorate, gave the world some startling UFO revelations in an interview to Tel Aviv’s Yediot Aharonot, the largest newspaper in Israel.  After praising America’s initiation of its new Space Force, Eshed said that aliens “have asked not to publish that they are here because humanity is not ready yet.” The respected professor and former general added that he believed Trump knew of their existence and was “on the verge of revealing” the blockbuster details, but was asked not to, so that “mass hysteria would not break out.” Eshed also claimed there “is an agreement between the U.S. government and the aliens, who are members of an interplanetary confederation.” Officials in the White House had no comments regarding the Israeli space expert’s pronouncements.


(Dr. Raymond A. Keller is a veteran of both the United States Navy and the United States Army, where he was a military journalist.  He is the author of the internationally-acclaimed Venus Rising book series, published by Headline Books, 2015-2021, of Terra Alta, West Virginia, available on amazon.com.)

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