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Sunday, July 10, 2022

SURPRISING! Bat-Winged Humanoid Observed Holding / Suckling Young!

An Oklahoma woman recounts her encounter with a bat-winged humanoid when she was a girl. The entity was carrying a smaller being, possibly nursing it. Remarkable incident!

The following account was called into my show:

“This happened... I'm 62 years old now and I can remember every detail of that day. I cant tell you what happened the day before or actually the day after but that day I can tell you. I went on a vacation at school, we went on a little field trip that day. It was the week of 4 of July (in the late 1960s.) We were going to be going to my grandparents in Odessa, Texas. I lived in Enid, Oklahoma and we lived at 501 West Market Street.

I was coming down State Street and I was meeting with two friends; ones named Mike, the others name is Sue. We were walking down State Street and Sue went to the left, because she lived on the left block. Mike, he went straight, because he lived a block down State Street. I went to the right because I lived on the corner of Jefferson and Owenkeg area on Market Street and the alley. I went across the alley and I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

Now it was still light out. It was about 4:00-4:30 and in the summertime it's still light. I looked and it was like something, it squatted down, and at first I thought it had like a blanket over it. I couldn’t figure it out. The sighting lasted on a few seconds, and I looked and... its eyes were black. And it wasn’t covered with a blanket, it was wings. I don’t know how tall I was then. I mean, I’m only 5'4" now. So, I don’t know how tall I was at that age. And I'm gonna say it was about the same height as me squatting down with the wings around itself. When I looked at it, the wings went to the back and it started to stand up. Now I never saw its legs, so if you can imagine seeing something rise. I don’t know what I’m trying to say here. I never looked down. 

As its rising, I’m seeing its arms... the (bat-like) wings are now in the back. Its white and black, and its face, I don’t know about this. Its nose reminded me of Michael Jackson after surgery. The first time I saw Michael Jackson’s nose, I thought of this thing. And I mean I had a hard time looking at Michael Jackson after that. And this is not a put down of Michael Jackson either. I thought it was the devil. I truly thought it was the devil.

As it stood up, it had like a six-pack stomach (muscular). Its arms, it was holding something in at the arc now.... It was black in its arms and it looked like it was suckling on a nipple. I swear to God, I know what I saw. I ran. I've never ran so fast. My mother's little dog, it was a half wiener dog (Dachshund) and a half Chihuahua, dusty brown. I picked that dog up so fast. I ran into the back porch. At that time we had a screen on the porch. I remember locking the screen door as if that was supposed to stop something, going into the back door into the dining room. My mother just looked at me like, 'What's wrong with you?' and I said, 'The devil!' I think now, she must have thought I was crazy. My heart was beating so hard, she could hear it. My mother was a nurse. My dad was medic in the army for 28 years. He thought maybe I had sunstroke or heatstroke. They do believe that I did see something. They don’t know what I saw. They said, 'Are you sure it wasn’t a dog?'

Now here's the thing, when it raised up, I didn’t see any genitalia or anything like that. It didn’t really have breasts, it had nipples, but it didn’t really have breasts. I kept looking what was in its arms. And when I looked up at its face, its eyes were red. That's when I got a little freaked out and I took off and ran across Mrs. Webber's yard and I remember, you never went on Mrs. Webber's yard. I didn’t care.”

Source: Phantoms & Monsters Radio, from a video titled FORTEAN PHENOMENA, CRYPTIDS, & METAPHYSICAL Q & A and DISCUSSION - Lon Strickler (Host), Uploaded 8 July 2022

NOTE: This is the first winged humanoid report that I have received with the possibility of it nursing its young. Interesting that the eyes were then red, as before it was black. Lon

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