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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

SHOCKING Bigfoot Encounter in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains!

A brother and sister, who lived in Lake City, Tennessee, are hiking on the local mountain, when they encounter a crouching Bigfoot that was somehow unaware of their presence. Terrifying account!

The following account was forwarded to me:

"We were living in a little town, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Lake City, Tennessee (now called "Rocky Top") about 40 miles north of Knoxville. Many of us teenagers use to climb up to a huge, house-sized boulder (visible from I-75, when the leaves are off) and hang out, hence the term, "Party Rock."

Late one summer, during school break, me and my little sister decided to go climbing. A lot different times back then. No phones, and we'd be out, from sun up, until dark, walking for miles. Mom knew I would keep us safe, as much as a 14-year-old could. Well, we walked the tracks for a mile or two, and hit the trail, at the base of the mountain.

After a couple hours of walking, we came to a fork in the trail, and even though I've been there, before, with my older brothers, I took a wrong turn. After walking for probably another good half hour, or more, in 90 degree heat, the trail just abruptly ended. Nothing but thick brush, and a 45 degree incline of woods lay ahead. I told my sister that I had made a mistake, and we could easily walk all the way back or just head straight up from there. I knew enough that if we just kept climbing up, looking at the daylight in the tree, above, we would eventually hit the ridgeline, and other trail. I could easily find my way back down to Party Rock.

So, we started trudging forward, grabbing saplings to pull ourselves up along the way. We stopped often, to catch our breath, get our bearings, drink from the canteen and would often look down, hoping to finally get the great view of our little town way below. But the woods were still too thick at that point. As we're slipping on the old leaves, and gasping for air, we reached a few feet of level ground in order to catch our breath. I'm not sure who saw it first but, as soon as I did, I looked over at my sister, and her mouth was already agape.

I've gone over our account many times over the years, and still not sure how we managed to just stumble upon it. I don't know how it couldn't have heard us, but maybe the birds were chirping up there, or maybe it had just got there? I don't know. But, I researched countless encounters over the decades and I truly believe ours had got to be one of the best, ever. And here's why most encounters are a brief, fleeting glimpse of one, crossing a road, or peeking at them, possibly throwing stones, etc.

This Bigfoot was completely unaware of our presence! My sister, immediately whispered "Bigfoot!" But, me, being the big brother, tried to calm her fears  and not show mine, by saying, "It's probably just a hiker enjoying the view." We both turn around, and thought "What view!?" Now, we were in the middle of nowhere, completely off any semblance of a trail, in 90 degree heat. NO WAY that was a person in any suit. They could've sat there for 100 years, and never ran into another person.

As my mind is racing, all I can do is stare. I've grown up hunting, trapping, camping, etc. I was proficient in biology and art. So, I KNOW what animals are supposed to be in certain areas, what they look like, and how to draw them. This was NO bear, mountain lion, bobcat, or even feral wild man! All were ludicrous answers people would give me.

As we stared at it, I noticed it had no clothing. It was completely covered in long, reddish / orange-brown hair, except for around the face. It was squatting (something bears cannot do) and as it looked to its left, my blood ran cold. I could clearly see it was not human! It had more of an ape-like face, and the unmistakable "crown" on his head, like a big silver back gorilla! It was reaching, to its left, to a bush, and pulling leaves/ branches off, and bringing them to its mouth, and eating them. I couldn't see if there were any berries on them, or not, but it was clearly eating leaves and all. We were so close, we could hear the branches break, and the sound of the bushes, bouncing back. Periodically, it would act like it was coming up and out of its squat, a little bit-halfway standing, as it leaned, side to side, craning its neck, trying to look down, through the trees, towards US! That was terrifying! Maybe he caught an occasional scent of us, wafting up, or just sensed us. I don't know.

My sister kept wanting to run, and I was literally too scared to run. I just wanted to close my eyes, and wake up at home. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably a good 10-15 minutes, I whispered, "We run on the count of three." I barely breathed, "One. Two. Three!' We spun around, and started to sprint straight down that wooded mountain. I'll never forget the sound. We went from dead quiet, to what sounded like a herd of elephants running through a bowl of potato chips! Looking back, years later, I'm sure we scared the crap out of it, but not as bad as it did us!

As soon as our feet hit the dry leaves and twigs, if there was ever any doubt, it let out the loudest, longest, most God-awful roaring, that lasted for 5 seconds or more. It was terrifying! I literally did a front flip, my feet trying to run faster than my capabilities. Plus, the angle we were running down was steep. We were so afraid it was going head us off, or snatch us in the dried up creek bed below. We ran straight through walls of thickets and thorns, sliding over 15 foot drop offs, etc. We were literally a bloody mess when we finally got home. My sister had lost my mom's watch and a shoe. I lost my machete and a few other things.

As soon as we realized we were safe, the shock set in. She started throwing up, I started crying. We were both white as ghosts. My older brothers believed us, got guns, and went back up there. Sadly, I refused to go back in the woods for many years after that incident. My brothers said it was very easy to track us, since it looked like a freight train had rolled down the mountain, breaking trees, and brush. They found her shoe and watch. They also asked why did we run right through all those briars, etc., when there was a path right around them? We didn't take the time to look for any easier path. We went straight down in order to get out of there!" MR

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