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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Scary 'Goat Man' Harassed Driver in George Washington National Forest, VA

A West Virginia man recounts his encounter with a Goat Man entity while driving on US 33 as it passes through the George Washington National Forest in Rockingham County, Virginia.

I recently received the following account:

"I have encountered Bigfoot. Heck, probably a nest of them based upon how many we heard around us that night. Maybe even something else was with them or screwing with them and used us as a distracting scent. But the encounter that I'd like to speak about here is something that is not Bigfoot but, to be honest, I have no idea what the heck it was.

To give you a point of reference, it occurred on what might be called a major road (US RT 33) as it passes through the George Washington National Forest in Rockingham County, Virginia headed towards Pendleton County, West Virginia.

I was coming from from work at the time. It was about 11 pm and the road was dark and I was alone on the road. To the right of me, the road was nothing but forest that runs back up to the mountains with occasional breaks where creeks come down. To the left of me was a river that ran along the road for a good part of the drive. Now and then a cut (dirt road for the most part) opened onto the main road where people or hunters had basically created a side road. The night was sort of bright in addition to the light my headlights cast to the side of the road. My windows were up and my doors were locked. My drivers window was slightly cracked. This will become important a bit further down.

I had just crossed over one of the small creeks when I thought I saw something's shadow appear next to my passenger side window. Sort of smoky looking at first. Then something slapped my door and started smacking the door handle. At the same time, the smoky image solidified and became a goat-like image that was running next to my car. It was running on two legs. Had red eyes and was grabbing at the door handle as if it were trying to open the door. The whole time keeping pace with me as I speed up trying to get away from it. I saw it was goat-like because it was more thin than heavy. Sort of a brownish color but can't be positive due to the light. No muzzle like a wolf or dog, more of a flattish face. It had smallish horns, but could have been its ears jutting forward. The strange thing though was as I looked (figure keeping my eyes on the road as I drove) it also appeared to sort of fade in and out. Like it was there and then gone only to reform. Sure left scratches on my door though. No immediate sounds while it was next to the car, but once it stopped chasing me there were some howls behind me. Ironically though, it only chased me from one creek to another. It stopped just before the road started to climb up the mountain.

There's been a few unusual accidents in that area that resulted in deaths. It's a really lonely stretch of road to be driven at night. Since it's national forest no one lives in the immediate area. It's been more than 10 years since that happened now. I no longer drive that stretch of road. I heard that howl a few more times after that night going through there, but never that close again. I drove it for a number of years after that and never heard it again. I still don't know what it was or if anyone else outside of my family ever encountered it. I don't talk about it as a norm." CB

Added later:

"I have been informed by immediate family member's that they to have heard, felt and encountered something along that stretch of road." CB

NOTE: I have heard of this entity on one other occasion. The area is also well-known for Bigfoot activity. Lon

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