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Friday, July 22, 2022

'Roswell of the North': Inuit Villagers Suddenly Disappeared!

In November 1930, Joe Labelle, a fur trapper quite familiar with the Canadian North country, walked into an Inuit village on the edge of Lake Anjikuni in the Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. But this was unlike any other day that Labelle had experienced in this frozen land, for the entire village of Anjikuni had been suddenly and inexplicably abandoned by its inhabitants.

To our neighbors to the North, this Inuit ghost settlement has earned itself the title of being the “Roswell of the North.” Labelle discovered a recently abandoned stew and piles of clothing. He also came across food stored in huts. This gave him every indication that the local inhabitants never intended to leave. And even more puzzling, as the fur trapper dug deep beneath the snow, he found a burial ground with disturbed and empty graves, along with a pack of buried sled dogs that appeared to have been starved to death.

Skeptics have attacked Labelle’s character claiming that he simply made the whole story up. Labelle claimed to have been a seasoned hunter but there was no record of him having a trapping license before 1930. It is possible that he just hunted without a license before this. The journalist that broke the story named Kelleher has been accused to exaggerating stories in the past.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have continued their search for answers, up to this very day. Numerous Canadian ufologists attribute the sudden disappearance of the Inuit villagers to the reports of UFOs seen over Hudson Bay on the very night the First Nation peoples of Anjikuni vanished into thin air.

NOTE: Is it possible that the entire village was abducted? What are your thoughts? Lon

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