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Friday, July 08, 2022

Large Black 'Upright Canine' Stares Down Witnesses in Northern Arizona

A man and his sister are traveling south into northern Arizona, when they observe a large black cryptid canine in a clearing along the highway. They both are negatively affected by the sighting.

I recently received the following account:

"In late June 2021, my sister and I were driving from Utah into Arizona. I was moving out to Phoenix. I don't remember the exact forest area but it was right as we started the descent from the mountains in northern Arizona.

My sister and I were having a conversation as she was driving. We entered into a clearing in the trees. As we came to the clearing there was a very large rock on the right side of the road that caught my eye. Upon seeing the rock, I saw movement to the left of it. There was a very large distinctly canid shaped figure in the clearing next to the rock.

As I stared, trying to make out what it was, we had both gone silent mid-sentence. I clearly saw eyeshine that was almost a reddish-orange in hue. Whatever it was was locked in a stare with me and tracked the vehicle with its eyes. My blood ran cold and I felt a feeling of utter helplessness sink over me. The feeling was accompanied by the thought that whatever this was could do serious harm and I would have no way to stop it. The creature only stood and stared at us as we passed.

When the initial shock wore off a few seconds later, I quickly asked if my sister had seen anything. Her voice was very shaky as she confirmed exactly what I had seen. A very large canid-like creature staring directly at us as we passed through the clearing. I have seen black bears up close and personal within 20 yards and whatever this was was clearly not a black bear. It was quite a bit larger with more of a slender build and a very dog-like head and snout. 

My sister was very shaken by the experience and had tears in her eyes due to the fear she was feeling. She continued driving as we both felt completely unsafe to stop or even have a window down. She does not like to talk about it to this day. I believe what we saw to be consistent to other reports seen in the area which I later researched after we got to Phoenix.

I will never go into those woods alone. I hope what we saw was an optical illusion or a misidentified animal, but I cannot shake the feeling that it wasn't and still see very clearly the figure in my mind whenever I think about it and am overcome with chills and begin to shake all over again." JK

NOTE: As the witness stated, the sightings of cryptid canines is increasing throughout North America. We are currently looking into 4 cryptid canine sightings / encounters in Pennsylvania alone. Lon

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