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Saturday, July 02, 2022

Did Bigfoot Help Save Canadian Teen After Fall From Tree?

The witness in southeastern Ontario had fallen from a tree and landed on his back. After waking from from unconsciousness, he notices a juvenile Bigfoot watching him. Then a much larger Bigfoot appears.

The witness (he asked that his name not be mentioned), then 15, was camping with his uncle in a wooded area in June 2014 in southeastern Ontario. They arrived on a Saturday and enjoyed themselves, though it was fairly uneventful. On the third day, the witness hiked out of camp on his own and decided to climb a tree in order to take pictures of a nearby creek with his camera. When he was about 10 feet up the tree, he accidentally slipped and fell. The witness passed out. When they came to, the witness figured that they had been out for an hour to 90 minutes.

“What struck me was strange, once I gained my senses. I awoke on my side. To my knowledge, I had passed out on my back. I sat up slowly and tried to take in my surroundings. Then it hit me! The most disgusting odor that I’ve ever experienced. It was a mix of wet dog and, to be crude, fecal matter and vomit. The heat didn't help the matter either. I thought that it may have been a rotting carcass of a woodland animal. But my theory was thwarted when I saw IT in the shrub.

Roughly 15 feet away from me was a tanned face that had orange eyes which sat in concave eye sockets. I could make out that IT had a lot of fur, but it contrasted greatly from its skin color. I assumed that it was brown in color. The face was around five-foot above the ground. My first instinct wasn't to think Bigfoot or anything of that nature. But it was either 5-feet-tall or crouching. I have no idea how long it had been there but it was watching me. It didn't once move. In fact, it barely blinked. It sat in silence, peering out of the bushes at me as I stirred out of unconsciousness. I’d be a liar to say that I wasn't scared. I was more confused actually. Never once did I feel that I was in immediate danger. What happened next shook me to my core and I can confidently say, messed me up.

The foliage behind this creature rustled slightly and, to my sheer horror, emerged another one of these creatures. It was easily 10-feet-tall covered in auburn hair, matted around the shoulders, which were wider than my arms would be if they were extended outwards, measuring from fingertip to fingertip. It shared a similar facial structure to the smaller one, but its skin was more of a brown color. It stopped beside, what I now assume, was its offspring. The little one continued to stare at me intently while the larger creature, I’m assuming its mother, simply brushed its shoulder with a soft hand to grab its attention. The larger one never looked at me. The two creatures turned their backs and simply walked into the woods. I assumed that the mother was simply telling the younger one to leave me alone and give me space. It does make me wonder though. Did they find me laying there unconscious and then they put me on my side? Was the reason that I wouldn't choke on my tongue or have a seizure.” 

Transcribed source: The Facts By Howtohunt.com, from a video titled, 'I Woke To Two Of Them Looking At Me Less Than 15 Ft From Me' Uploaded on 24 Jun 2022

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