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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Black Helicopter Appears After Unexplained Activity Along Upper Sacramento River, California

Luke wrote to Steve Isdahl of The Facts By Howtohunt . Com Podcast to tell of his bizarre experiences, culminating with the appearance of a black helicopter.

“I live about 20 minutes from the upper Sacramento River here in north California. Some years back, I found a pullout along the river where I can park and take a trail through the woods to a nice place along the river. It's about a six-yard walk through the thick woods before it really opens up. I got in the habit of taking the dogs down there a few times a week once the weather started to warm up in the spring. Though out of the way it's not a totally private place. I’ve run into people there before, but I found that if I avoid the weekends, I almost always have the place to myself. It was also about this time I started doing some rock hounding. While the dogs ran around and swam in the river, I would check out the rocks and if I found them interesting enough I would put them in a shell in a satchel I carried over my shoulder and take them home.

One morning, we had a very large tree pushed over back behind us. It sounded real close, maybe 30-40 yards from us. When I first heard the initial crack of the tree going, I spun around and saw absolutely nothing moving. Even though I could hear breaking branches and the final thump hitting the ground, there wasn't a thing moving. No branches swaying, no birds fluttering out, nothing. It was so close, how could I not see any movement? I tried to rationalize it. Old trees fall. Beavers fell trees. The wind. I looked around and not a hint of a breeze could be found.

Our weekly trek stretched out in the summer and one morning after I pulled my truck off the road, I walked around to the back to let the dogs out. Right there, where I always park, was a single stack of rocks about 15 inches high. They're all rather flat, not that big. The bottom, the biggest rock, was maybe the diameter of a soda can and they got smaller as they got higher and they were most definitely from the river. The only rocks you find up by the road is gravel. I reached out and barely touched the top rock as they tumbled to the ground. It was so delicate that a breeze could have toppled it over. Once again, I tried to rationalize it. People stack rocks right?

The next week, the dogs and I had the place to ourselves and we're doing the usual swimming and rock hounding. After about an hour and a half we headed back to the truck. About halfway, the dogs stopped in the middle of the trail heads down sniffing something. I thought, 'What did you guys find now?' When I got up to them, right there in the middle of the dirt trail were about 50 rocks all similar in size and shape and placed in a grid pattern. They're evenly spaced about three inches apart in almost a perfect square. I thought WTH now? There are no cars parked there when we got there. The rocks were not there when we walked in and no one came down there while we were there or I would have surely seen them and the dogs definitely would have alerted me to someone coming down. I want to take a picture, only to find I left my phone back home. I planned on coming back the next day to take a pic, but it wasn't until the day after I came back with my phone. When I returned, the rocks were gone, not scattered or kicked off the trail by someone walking by, gone! Not a trace.

Now the kicker. The very next week we're doing the usual. It was getting hot and the dogs and I sat back up in the shade of some young willows along the bank, resting up and enjoying the morning. Down river I could hear the whoop-whoop-whoop of helicopter blades. As you well know, helicopters aren't rare these days, so I didn't think nothing of it at first. But as it got closer, it got louder and louder. I thought, that this thing's low and, sure enough, a minute or so later, here comes this helicopter around the bend and it was low. I fear he couldn't have been more than 20 feet off the water and when he got right parallel to me, he was so close I could feel the wash from the blades. But the shocker was the helicopter was jet black and not a marking on it. Both doors were open and I could see right through and perched in each door was a man. The guy on my side was in a black tactical gear and I could clearly see a long gun next to him and, like the chopper, there wasn't an ID marking on him, no name tag, no badge, no insignias, nothing. We locked eyes and my initial thought was to raise my hand to wave but the stern look on his face changed my mind.

Now, we got all kinds of choppers up here. There's a flight care chopper that lifts injured people to hospitals. It's blue and white with call letters printed down the side. The sheriff's chopper is green and white and has 'Sheriff' down the side. The California Fire Chopper, that is red and white some orange and white with 'CalFire' down the side. Now who flies a jet black chopper with no letters, carrying armed men in tactical gear? Coincidence that I was experiencing strange things down at the river and at home and this mystery chopper showing up is so bizarre.”

Transcribed source: The Facts By Howtohunt . Com Podcast, from a video titled “Worst Nightmare Camping Photo Capture Included” Uploaded 11 June 2022.

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