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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Bigfoot Cloaks ('Glimmer Man') in Front of Young Kentucky Witness

A Kentucky witness recalls his encounter with a Bigfoot, detailing how it cloaked itself in front of him. He mentions the 'Glimmer Man' effect, and that stepping into the sunshine triggered the phenomena.

I recently received the following account:

"Nobody's going to believe me when I say this, but I encounter I want to say a juvenile Sasquatch when I was a young. My mom used to leave us at the Green River in Kentucky to go fishing on the weekends with my little brothers. We would go camping and my mom would drive up north for the weekend. This is back when we didn't have cell phones or anything. My mom always told us never go past the tree line because there are homeless people. We always believe that because we lived in the city and had moved to the country. And they always talk about how the homeless people in the tree lines are always yelling and banging on trees. So we were always scared of them.

We're down there fishing and we run out of bait. I want to say the last day of being there. We were leaving later in that afternoon. I had to go in the tree line. I wanted to flip rocks, everything I could to find, worms or grubs, because the carp were everywhere. You could see them and we wanted to get some worms to have a better chance of catching them. So, I told my brothers and stay there, I'm going to go look for bait. Well, I didn't expect to experience what I experienced.

I was walking with my head down looking for something to flip over. Then I seen feet. Like human feet. Right in front of my feet I see toe nails that look like wood. Okay, I start to look up and see hair on the body, but there's also parts of the body that don't have hair. As I looked at this creature, it's not even ten feet from me. It's like we both ran into each other by accident and were both startled. I looked in his eyes and his eyes were like galaxies. Colored brown, and green, also reddish, blackish, just huge eyes. You don't know what your looking at when you see these colors or this creature.

When this creature backed up into the sunlight, maybe three steps backwards, and when the sunshine hits its fur, it's kind of invisible. Seriously! The way the sun reflected its fur in front of my eyes. As I'm looking at this creature in the shade, step back three times, it disappeared in front of my eyes. Let me remind you this is not even 20 feet after we first encountered each other! I can see why people don't see these things. Sometimes we don't know what we're looking for. Our eyes are registering something else. I get the chills when I think about this. I was scared to death and I thought it was a homeless man. I didn't know what I was looking at. I never knew of a Bigfoot. My mother talked about 'wood boogers' because she grew up in the country. I was confused. I was freaked out. I couldn't even move. I wanted to go for my brothers. I tell you, as soon as I blink my eyes, I lost vision of it right in front of me. Even though I knew where it was.

20 years later, I'm obsessed with Bigfoot and I never got to tell my story. I'm so scared of the outcome if I go camping and experience something way worse because I said something. I know that there are people who are going to believe me. And for the ones that don't, I completely understand why if I could give you my eyeballs that day you would see for yourself. This thing cloaked itself like the 'Predator' in the film, right in front of me. But not fully cloaked. If I hadn't walk into this creature, I would probably have never seen it in the sun. So, what I'm saying is if we didn't bump into each other, and he was just standing in that sunlight, I would have never even noticed it. That's how they camouflage themselves. Like the sun reflects off their fur. What I'm trying to say, since we bumped into each other, I had my eyes on him as he backed up and as the sun made him turn kind of invisible. I know it's hard to explain and I'm sick of feeling like I'm crazy.

I don't want attention. I don't want to go on a podcast. But what I experienced mess with me hard growing. My whole life I thought that was a homeless person, until about a year and a half ago, I get interested in Bigfoot and then I start listening when people were saying they had the same type of encounter. But I actually seen this creature back up into the sun and disappear. This creature did not stink or anything. That's why I thought it was just a homeless man at that time. Remind you, I'm like 10-years-old at the time. Maybe I was worried about my little brother's at first and then the thought of my mother telling me not to go in that tree line. So I felt like I was invading their space.

I finally told my story now. I feel like I got this big rock lifted off my chest. I see this thing in my sleep every since I was a little boy. Thank you for your time." JS

The witness later added:

"Until this day, I know exactly where I was at and I know exactly where I was standing. Even though I sometimes question my sanity on the situation, I thought about several times going back. But I don't need to because I know what I saw. I can't tell you if they're harmless or if they're dangerous. But the creature I saw was trying to get away from me.

I hope this story helps somebody that is struggling with their encounter. It's okay. It doesn't matter if people don't believe you. There are people that will." JS

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