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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Amazing Sasquatch Family Group Encounter Near Dodge, Oregon

Two Vietnam vets were driving through the Cascade Mountains, eventually stopping near Dodge, Oregon. They encountered a Sasquatch family group, and described an amazing experience.

The witness, 73 (asked not to be named), recalled an incident in 2004 in which he claims that he encountered a family of Bigfoot. He and his friend were both Vietnam veterans (the witness served between 1970 and 1971). At the time, his friend needed a ride to the VA in Portland. While driving back to their homes in Estacada, Oregon, they decided to cut through the Cascade Mountains and stop at a small town known as Dodge, where an unused scaling station sat. The witness had hunted that area previously and had observed a dead deer 20 feet up in a tree and in the 1990s, he found a 19 inch foot impression in the dirt to the west of the station.

After taking numerous back-roads and side-roads they finally arrived there. The location was mostly overgrown. They curiously found piles of deer bones neatly separated. They also found some trees down which they had to climb over: 

“I had no background or history about that station, so I didn't know when it had or had not been used. We decided to go in for the first 50 feet or so. You could see around you okay. After that, it was overgrown. You can see almost nothing but the little skid road we were on. Another 50 feet we came across a series of five or six alder trees at eight feet tall, that were three inches in diameter. They had been pulled out of the ground and laid across the skid road. All these trees were oriented the same way. 12-inch diameter root wads were exposed. Green leaves still on the trees.

We walked over and around these and then around them, another 100 feet, to just about where the old skid road stopped, we stood there looking around. We did notice two things that were not normal on the northwest side. There was a large rock, three feet in diameter covered with moss that was laying on its side with the bottom exposed. It was leaning up against a small tree and the bottom of the rock was bare. I'd guess that rock weighed well over 100 pounds rocks here, but when a creek rock ends up five to six hundred yards from a known creek bottom, you have to wonder.

Next to the rock and slightly above to its left was a small vine maple tree. One of its bottom branches have been twisted around into a complete circle. The size of the vine maple opening was one foot. All behind that tree was nothing but heavy berry bushes. I bent down to look at the circle and then asked my friend to take some pictures as I’d seen this kind of activity before not too far away.

After he took his pictures, I bent down again and was looking through the opening and I saw a pair of eyes three feet in, looking right back at me. The face was that of a small childlike creature with lots of reddish brown black hair. Its head was pointed on top. It looked at me then looked back over its left shoulder, then looked back at me again. I looked where it was looking and there sat another one about the same size, right next to it. What was interesting about that was the second one was holding an even smaller one in its arms. I stood up, told my friend and then he looked and he saw them too.

We stepped back not talking or making any noise and then the very large adult showed itself to us. It was all black, hairy and had dark round pupils. The part of our eyes that are white, its were red. It was half-upright, half-down on his feet. It had its mouth open like he was not pleased that we were there and I could see his teeth were, well, they were all white and very squarish in shape. Its canine teeth were a little bit longer but flat on top. There were no pointed teeth that I saw. Its arms were spread open I guess at about eight feet and each hand had hold of a branch of a tree. My guess is looking at us just sitting up on its butt but its head was above all the very bushes and, my guess, while it was sitting there, it was still five feet tall. 

We're standing 10 feet away or less from these creatures and neither of us felt afraid. I looked at its eyes again and from either side of the edges of its eyes, you could see where there were membranes on the eyes...not eyelids. They were between the eyes and the eyelid. They were also red. Also, my guess with the membrane in its eyes, is they pull those in during daylight to protect their eyes. I'm not a biologist but I’ve never seen any creature that had that membrane in its eyes.

The hair on top of its head was pointed. Its skin was a grey black color with no hair that I could see on its face or the bottom of its hands. Its lips were narrow slashes and its nose was not flat nor very wide but a little wider than ours and shaped the same. Its ears looked to be about the same size as ours but we're set a little higher on its head than ours or maybe look that way due to the size of its massive jaw. Its hands were large and my estimate was they looked to be twice the size of our hands or more.

Neither of us felt threatened. We must have stood there for at least two or more minutes staring at each other. Two or more minutes and a ten feet or less in the wilds with anything is like two lifetimes. We could hear other noises coming from the woods around us, so without talking and making any noise, we both turned and slowly walked out the old skid road, climbing over the stacked up trees.

We didn't talk until we were back inside the truck. My friend then asked me just what it was that we saw. I said I think we just encountered a Sasquatch family. We watched the woods a little more, saw no movement and then decided to leave. My friend has now since passed away. I've been back to that location at least a couple more times over the years, but the logging company that owned that land, sold it the new company that bought that has gone in and logged it all. The government now owns the land and it is inaccessible."

Transcribed source: The Facts By Howtohunt.com, from a video titled “Less Than 10 Feet From 3 Of Them In Broad Daylight” Uploaded 23 Jun 2022

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